Regional and national coverage on high domain authority sites, our most impressive digital PR results for this client to date!

Chums is a mail order company with 30 years of experience, they provide quality clothing and furnishings at fantastic prices. With their customer base firmly at the heart of their business strategy, they are proud of the fact that some of their first customers are still buying 30 years later.

With wide ranges of men’s and women’s clothing on offer, and the recent addition of furnishings for the home and garden, Chums is a company that diversifies according to the needs and desires of its customer base, often bringing in ranges at the request of their customers.

Click Consult has been partnered with Chums since 2016, and provides them with SEO, PPC and Digital PR. We aimed for the bespoke Digital PR strategy to encourage organic growth in brand awareness amidst fierce competition in the eCommerce market. In addition to increasing their domain authority (DA) through the acquisition of natural links.

We created exceedingly high press releases on actionable tips helping a wide range of people with varying budgets save money effectively. These press releases not only appealed to a wider audience but were suited to the interests of fashion journalists.

We built rapport with targeted journalists from high DA sites, who expressed an interest in our press release(s) through tracked email campaigns. The relationship with the journalists evolved as the strategy did, and we have great and long-lasting rapport with our contacts.

We continue to keep up to date with the latest trends by adopting an ‘always on’ approach, which means that our content is always ahead of the curve.

The latest campaign for Chums was the most successful one they have had so far from digital PR. It was a press release about the top tips from TikTok to make your clothes last longer.

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55 Average DA

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