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Over the past few years, Amazon has begun to realise its huge potential as an advertising platform and developed a range of flexible, self-serve solutions for sellers to promote their products. It’s power is in taking the tried and tested pay-per-click (PPC) model already well-established by Google Ads and combining it with its own USPs, namely:

  • High purchase intent: – consumers usually visit Amazon with a specific product in mind – making it a valuable opportunity to expose your product to customers with high purchase intent (meanwhile, shoppers tend to use Google to search for products when they’re in the research phase of their purchase journey).
  • Rich customer data: – no other business does eCommerce on such a massive scale, which gives the platform another unique competitive advantage: the detailed customer purchase data that sellers can use to leverage their campaigns. Amazon knows the specific products that customers are purchasing, and how frequently they’re buying. This means its algorithms have a wealth of data to draw on when it comes to accurately matching your ads to relevant customer searches.
  • Ease of purchase: – a familiar platform for users, with the ability to drop products from a range of different sellers in their basket without leaving the website. If you already sell on the platform, advertising on Amazon is a versatile and powerful way for you to promote your listings, for example, to push your best-selling, seasonal or end-of-line stock up higher in search results, make them visible to a new audience and, perhaps most of all, making it easy for buyers to purchase them through a familiar checkout interface.

It’s easy to see, then, why Amazon is so popular with advertisers. In fact, research by Third Door Media (publisher of Marketing Land, Search Engine Land and MarTech Today) found that 80% of advertisers planned to increase their ad budgets on the platform, with many shifting budgets there from traditional search and paid social media advertising.

When it comes to advertising ROI, Amazon PPC generally sees around a 10% conversion rate compared with 1-2% for Google Ads. This means that the platform potentially represents an extremely healthy return for brands who invest wisely. Amazon offers several ad types which form part of our strategy for Amazon marketing, these include:

Sponsored products

These are bottom-of-the-funnel direct response ads that drive traffic to Amazon product pages and give brands the opportunity to reach shoppers with strong purchase intent. Like Google Ads, Sponsored Products are cost-per-click (CPC) and largely keyword-driven, matching the keywords that feature in your campaign to the search terms that shoppers use to search for products on Amazon.

Product display ads

These ads can appear across Amazon desktop and mobile, with placements on detail pages, above search results and top of the offer listing page. You target these ads by selecting specific products or shopper interests. There is speculation that Product Display ads will be absorbed into the Sponsored Products offering as Amazon is putting a lot more emphasis on the latter as the best choice for sellers.

Sponsored brands

Similar to Sponsored Products, these are self-serve solutions available to registered sellers, vendors, book vendors, Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) authors, app developers, and agencies. Targeting sellers at the top of the purchasing funnel, they allow sellers to boost brand awareness with a logo and customised headline in ads that appear in search results.

Product display ads

This is by far the biggest growing opportunity for advertisers, and which accounts for the majority of ad spend on the platform. If you sell on Amazon, Product Display Ads offer a powerful and versatile way for you to promote your listings, for example, to push your best-selling, seasonal or end-of-line stock up higher in search results, making them visible to a new audience. Visibility, whether paid or organic, is key to success as 70% of Amazon shoppers only purchase from the first page of search results.

Click Consult has delivered Amazon advertising for some of the largest B2C brands in the UK and Europe. Additionally, the connections we share through Ceuta Group, with further direct to consumer, B2C and FMCG expertise, mean we are able to provide an Amazon Advertising service which is both comprehensive and industry leading. This means that our Amazon Advertising service can generate not only short-term revenue increases, but long-term impact on brand growth in recognition and profitability.

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Our Amazon experts have a well-developed understanding of both the paid and organic aspects of the Amazon platform and the optimisation, targeting and bidding strategies required to help brands succeed with Amazon Advertising. With plenty of experience, our team are among the best placed in digital marketing to provide brands with the opportunity to grow through advertising on the Amazon platform.

From organic Amazon performance to eBay advertising, our marketplace experts can help you to make light work of these heavyweight platforms.

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