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While web design and development are the process of designing and building your site, website maintenance is the ongoing debugging and development of that site to ensure it reaches and operates at its full potential for the full lifetime of the site. This includes implementation of new technologies – such as the ever-improving options for image delivery or improved methods for serving code – and methods which will improve either experience or performance.

As there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach to building a site – which can use a huge variety of tools and technologies – there can really be no one answer to what our service in this area entails. However, the following is a non-exhaustive list of possible actions undertaken:

Debugging and error fixes

Investigation for and resolution of any issues found on the site (for example, a contact form not working. or a page of content being mis-styled).

Site changes (excluding content)

Implementation of new page layouts, updates to page styling and the addition of and update of site functionality.

Installation and configuration of new extensions

Installation, setup, configuration and testing of new extensions or plugins.

Platform patches and upgrades

Installation, configuration and testing of platform upgrades, patches and security fixes (important everywhere, but vial in eCommerce.

Vulnerability scanning

A regular scan to monitor for any potential threats to the site from viruses, malware, or hacking.

With our extensive knowledge of what consumers want and need from a website, of the dangers and pitfalls of the online marketplace, this service ensures your site and your brand are ready for anything. Although our bread and butter is search and digital marketing, Click Consult has been building websites for two decades and, in that time, have built a wealth of experience not just in the development itself, but also in what it takes for a website to be successful and look great. As it covers much of the web, we’ve also placed a special emphasis on building our expertise in the following areas:

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Our teams are made up of experienced professionals and backed by expert partners, each with decades of experience across a huge variety of platforms and builds – as such, whichever platform your site operates on, we’re sure to be able to help ensure your site is always at its best.

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