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As the UK’s second largest search engine boasting 4 billion video views worldwide each day, YouTube provides an effective, low-cost advertising platform for showcasing your brand to a large audience.

Predominately video ads, though with traditional ad options, YouTube advertising uses the video sharing platform to promote your brand through ads that appear across YouTube Search and YouTube Videos, including Google partner sites, apps and the Google Display Network. As the platform has such a huge userbase – so much so that the platform’s search engine is the second largest after parent company Google’s main engine – YouTube advertising is suitable for brands of all sizes and in all industries.


In our role as a YouTube advertising agency, we will review your overall business objectives and marketing strategy to determine the best methods to reach and engage with relevant users on the YouTube platform, whether your brand is B2B, B2C or a combination of both. Our YouTube advertising service can include:

Research & strategy creation

The first step of any paid social endeavour should always be an in-depth process of research and strategy creation – while these strategies are, obviously, subject to change as new information arises (whether from the campaign itself or from further research or update to whichever social media platform), it is important to have a strategy in place that can drive your initial campaigns and, therefore, through reviewing your accounts, targets, demographics etc. we will establish a primary strategy for your brand’s paid social.

Campaign targeting

As most people visit YouTube with the aim of watching a specific type of content, advertising here allows for precise targeting. To ensure your ads reach the relevant user, we can target users with a combination of options including: behaviour, interests, remarketing, placements and keywords.

Asset creation

A YouTube strategy cannot be executed without great content, and the first 5 seconds of the advertisement is the most important time to capture the user’s attention to forge a connection. We can provide recommendations on what type of content resonates the most with your targeted users and what your competitors are also creating.

From promoting a specific landing page to increasing your brand’s social media presence, your YouTube campaigns can be tailored to the unique needs of your business. We can monitor the progress of your video campaigns and optimise your targeting to make the best distribution of your budget on the platform. Common areas of analysis for your YouTube video advertising campaigns include: view rate, video play rate, earned views and earned shares/likes/subscribers.

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Our team of YouTube advertising experts combine a deep understanding of the video sharing platform with excellent skills in the bidding strategies required to help our client brands succeed. With plenty of experience, enthusiasm and knowhow, our team are uniquely positioned to deliver what you need from a YouTube campaign.

Paid social advertising is a key element of the marketing mix, and brands have for, some time, been leveraging Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and more to increase the reach of their paid search campaigns, share their stories and build a rapport with their customers and prospects.

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