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One of the major advantages of paid search is the ability to make changes to a campaign at any level, and see the impact in real-time. This allows you to keep testing and optimising your performance on an ongoing basis.

Knowing what to change, when, and how, is vital to any business. Paid search management and optimisation is part art, part science. It requires data, but also intuition and experience, along with the time, patience (and budget) to experiment.

Paid search management is primarily the process of building and maintaining your paid search campaigns to our proven best practice. This includes the keywords used, ad group structure, ad copy and ad extensions. It also involves regular updates and maintenance to ensure campaigns reflect your current target market and reach your audience. 

Paid search optimisation is primarily the process of distributing your budget so that it is spend in all the areas, keywords and audiences that are most likely to convert, or assist in moving a user through the buying cycle and towards conversion. This includes using the best bid strategy and target, testing new ad creative, taking advantage of seasonal peaks and promotion and much more.


Click Consult Paid Search Campaign Optimisation

As self-confessed PPC geeks, there’s nothing we don’t know about paid search optimisation. We don’t use the term ‘best practice’ lightly; our best practice optimisation techniques have developed over almost two decades and are frequently updated as technology, Google, Microsoft Advertising and customer behaviour evolves at an ever-increasing pace.

As part of your strategy, we monitor your campaigns on a daily basis, performing our quality assurance checks to ensure that your account is achieving its maximum potential. 

Our paid search management and optimisation service

Giving an overview of the intense and committed approach Click Consult takes to optimisation, the above diagram represents the cyclical, evolving nature of campaign optimisation – but this is not all there is to it.

Each part of the process is augmented by our technology stack, and our team of highly experienced, passionate PPC professionals to provide end to end optimisation by both human and machine. This can be broken down (approximately) in to four areas.

Optimising for strategy

Strategy isn’t just something we consider at the start of a project; we regularly review against business objectives and performance to proactively determine whether we need to make adjustments, whether that’s expanding to a new channel, or deciding to focus on a different customer persona or demographic.

Backed by a wealth of experience, APIs, industry leading 3rd party and in-house developed tools and software (including our proprietary TRAX technologies), strategies are optimised across such vital areas as keyword research, seasonal and market trends as well as through use of our cutting-edge approach to data-driven attribution.

A good strategy is often also getting the most out of the platform technology especially smart bidding. Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising has a plethora of data about each user and each search term which simply isn’t available or actionable by any technology but their own. Combining automation with human experience to get the most out of this technology is often where the sweet spot lies.

Optimising for data

At our heart, we are data geeks. Our Paid Search specialists have developed a stack of tools to help make data analysis more efficient. Tools such as the Ad Confidence Tester and Search Term Theme Tool allow us to apply formulas built up over years of experience to give scalability to data analysis and optimisation. 

As machine learning and AI becomes more powerful, the optimum performance can often be achieved using smart bidding solutions. However, the accuracy, validity and volume of data fed into these tools is paramount as it is used to inform every decision made. This means our team create strategies that optimise the volume and value of data collected to feed the smart bidding algorithms.

Optimising for testing

Click Consult make a science of search marketing, and believe that no claim should be considered without testing it first. Through extensive ad and landing page reviews, we pull apart campaigns, study them and reassemble them with improvements. 

Then, using our data analysis skills, we ensure all tests are conducted to statistical significance, and used to create a knowledge bank which can help generate future test ideas. As ever, a suite of technology is backed by a wealth of human experience to ensure the best possible performance.

Optimising for creativity

Often overlooked, creativity is a vital part of any well managed paid search campaign. A creative spark can have impacts on click-through rate which no amount of data analysis can provide. Part of Click Consult’s technology stack is ad customiser tools which can ensure even the largest brand can serve creative, personalised ads across a diverse range of products, services and demographic criteria.

Paid search team Click Consult

Our team of paid media experts boast decades of experience and a true passion for boosting performance. Using best practice and a range of inhouse developed tools and techniques, they combine the best that human and AI can offer to deliver expertly managed and optimised paid search performance.

Paid search drives relevant, targeted traffic to your website by showing consumers ads for your business on search engine results pages (SERPs) when they search for keywords related to and targeted by your brand. The pricing model means you only pay a fee each time someone clicks on your ad and visits your site.

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