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Content comes in many forms – from the copy that defines your brand to the video that communicates what you do; from the infographic that explains tricky concepts to the multimedia campaign that earns you links and press coverage. Content is what brings your website and your brand to life for your consumers.

High quality, relevant and consistent content can not only support your organic search (SEO) strategy, it can bolster your brand’s reputation, encourage your audience to engage with your brand and, ultimately, drive sales.

High quality content is central to any good inbound marketing strategy and should also be at the heart of your organic search strategy. As part of your content strategy, our team of talented content writing specialists and designers will plan and devise SEO optimised content for your brand. This is then delivered to your audience throughout across all available paid, earned or owned channels. From whitepapers to infographics, video and animation, our talented copywriters and designers are adept at crafting content in a diverse range of styles and on any subject. Our content services generally proceed along the following track from concept to completion.

Research and discovery

Research plays a vital role in the content creation process. At the beginning of a campaign, our digital content teams engage in a discovery process to help you put together a content brief. This document helps us to understand your brand’s content requirements, including its tone of voice and target audience.

Our creatives are skilled and experienced at identifying the knowledge required and finding, analysing and interpreting information from many different sources. We then select the most relevant and valuable data, before using this to inform the content we create for you. We can also conduct research on your brand’s behalf to provide your audience with original insights and elevate your position as a thought leader in your field.

Idea generation

Fresh ideas are the lifeblood of great content marketing. At Click Consult, our creative specialists hold idea generation sessions with the technical and account management teams to come up with concepts that are both in line with your organic search and business objectives, and relevant to your target audience and key influencers in your industry.


We ensure that all content we create is optimised to perform well in search. Before we get to work on production, our organic search strategists brief our writers on any keywords and anchor text that need to be incorporated into your copy and any pages on your website that need to be targeted as part of your organic search strategy.

However, we never sacrifice the art of the process - our expert copywriters are proficient in optimising content without sacrificing its naturalness or impacting user experience.

Before content work is sent to you for review, it undergoes a thorough peer review process. This involves team members who have not taken part in the creation process proofreading, fact checking and providing feedback to the writers and designers that have been involved. We also use plagiarism detection software to ensure that all content you receive is wholly original.

Great content serves many purposes. Not only can rich content improve a website’s performance in search, it improves a site’s performance with people. By providing multimedia, informative, entertaining content, sites can:

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Our team of content marketing creatives bring digital experience totalling decades, and thrive in collaboration both with colleagues and third parties. Our award-winning content marketing has grown businesses of all sizes through improved link profiles, increased referral traffic, satisfying consumer interest and more. We believe in bespoke, original, creative content able to delight, inspire and entertain.

Organic search, commonly referred to as search engine optimisation (SEO), employs a combination of creative and technical skills to improve the visibility of a website for commercially important key terms. In doing so, the aim is to increase the number of consumers exposed to a brand at vital points in the consumer journey, to increase traffic to the website and, therefore, increase consumer awareness and the number of commercial actions (purchases, downloads, contact form submissions etc).

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