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Traditional PR is defined as the practice of managing the release and spread of information between a brand or individual and the public in order to shape public perception. Digital PR is closely related to traditional, but with a few main differences – for example, while the reach of traditional media has declined, and fragmented, digital offers a broader audience and permits a message to be spread across multiple online channels in a variety of ways, it also offers a greater degree of targeting and reporting.

As a result, digital PR can be a powerful strategy that can improve both performance and visibility while building consumer trust and relationships. In addition, good digital PR will tap into existing consumer conversations to insert the brand into the dialogue to become part of the conversation in unique and positive ways in order to build the brand’s visibility and link profile.

Our highly effective digital PR service targets relevant websites, influencers, online communities and social media networks in order to spread your content. This helps to widen your audience, increase traffic, and boost your backlink profile. The advantage of digital PR is that you’re able to quantify results, and track what works and what doesn’t. Our digital PR service includes in-depth reporting and analysis which allows us to determine the success of our campaigns. In particular, our reporting looks at the quantity and quality of links earned, the number of brand mentions, the campaign’s social media performance and any impact on organic visibility.

Digital PR and SEO

PR and SEO can work closely together to build a brand’s credibility and search visibility through valuable, relevant content, which accrues quality links. Both teams (or individuals, or agencies) should share ideas and knowledge in order to build link authority for your website, improve rankings in the search results and increase brand awareness.

Why are inbound links so important?

Building legitimate inbound links, or backlinks, is an important strategy for marketing your website for two reasons:

  • They can expose your brand to a relevant audience and drive referral traffic to your site.

  • They can help you rank higher in the SERPs (search engine results pages), as links are a vital signal to Google about the relevance and importance of a website.

While success in the SERPs is at the core of most SEO strategies, the actual benefits of successful implementation go far beyond improving your rankings and can assist you with:

We have spent over a decade building a network of trusted bloggers and influencers, but our Digital PR experts really bring things together – highly experienced and with their own publisher and journalist relationships from a variety of industries and interests, the team are a valuable resource for any brand looking to boost their profile and improve their inbound links.

There are few better ways to build your credibility and search visibility than through creating original, relevant and engaging content, which is naturally shareable and creates a buzz around your brand. Whether you're looking to work with top journalists or micro-influencers with a dedicated following, content marketing can have huge impacts on search visibility, brand recognition and, importantly, profitability.

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