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Utility Bidder Tech SEO

Improving search visibility through a comprehensive technical SEO strategy …

Utility Bidder – Tech SEO and UFC

  • Increase the number of users across the site +131%
  • Increase organic sessions +125%
  • Gain more goal completions +364%

We knew that the best way to gain the increase in traffic and visibility would be to implement a full UFC strategy. User Focused Content (UFC) is a type of content creation that directly puts the user and searcher in mind and works in a similar way to FAQs.

Our team looked at both a range of keywords as well as gaps in the industry and produced content that would fulfill these gaps. The content ranking at the start of the project was poorly written and not well thought out.We knew that if we could get Utility Bidder to rank in these positions it would build trust, brand authority and would help in terms of the organic visibility.

Utility Bidder was the first client we created a bespoke ‘content hub’ for. This included a number of standard posts as well as several long-form (1000-2000 word) pieces of content. The idea was to make them as much of an authority as possible in the energy industry, particularly pushing business energy.

Content such as this: https://www.utilitybidder.co.uk/how-much-energy-does-an-average-restaurant-use-every-year/ performed particularly well and secured the rich result for a target query.

In terms of the technical SEO that we conducted, we started as we always do, with a full tech audit. This allowed us to see the starting point of the Utility Bidder website and determine the areas for improvement and optimisation.

We assessed the hierarchy of of all website content and looked at where it fell on the site. This allowed us to assess the navigation and make sure that the site was more user friendly. We moved informational content to the blog and redirected existing URLs. As mentioned earlier we set up content hubs and inserted these below the most profitable landing pages. This structure makes it easier not only for search engines to find the relevant information but also for ongoing maintenance/optimisation.

We added redirects to the site so that when products sit under multiple categories we can avoid canonicalisation issues.

When we completed the audit we also noticed a large number of missing H1 tags and missing alt attributes on images. Correcting this is not only best practice but essential for SEO performance.


We considered a range of different approaches to this campaign and our workflow on behalf of Utility Bidder delivered some of the best results we have seen. We not only created a bespoke content hub for Utility Bidder – leveraging UFC but produced more longform content and optimised it to generate the highest possible SERPs results. Ther technical changes that we implemented meant that headline results were as follows:

In terms of the keywords, we started the workflow with a list of 238 priority keywords that were currently unranked. The content that we have produced and the optimisation on the site means that we now have 141 now ranking and 59 on them on the first page of SERPs. 

We have also seen a 200% increase in keywords ranking in P1-3.


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