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From ideation and storyboarding to filming, illustration and animation, what we refer to as video and animation design encompasses a host of skills and techniques that will take an initial idea to a finished piece of video or animated content. This includes content such as:

  • 2D, 3D and CGI animation
  • Animated explainers
  • Interview or documentary style video
  • Testimonial or product demonstration video

Combining the award winning expertise of our in-house writers and designers, our video and animation design helps our clients to captivate audiences organically and as part of video advertising campaigns.

2D, 3D and CGI animation

Whether it's a YouTube pre-roll or your brand's first experiment with augmented reality, our designers can turn your ideas into a reality, or craft animated campaigns that will wow your customers.

Animated explainers

Whether you're looking to educate a potential client on the benefits of your service offering or seeking to explain a particularly complicated regulatory change that might impact your customer base, our animated explainers are a fantastic way to communicate complex ideas in a way that will save time and capture attention.

Live action video

From adverts to interviews, documentaries to something with a little more dramatic flair, our live action videos are a great way to capture and retain the attention of prospective customers - and earn press attention for your brand.

From the first second to the last, video and animation have to be exceptional to capture and keep the attention of your audience - even those who have sought it out. However, done well, video and animation design can:

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Our video and animation design team are hugely talented artists, writers and videographers that live to exceed expectations. Creating everything from video for social media adverts to easy to comprehend animated explainer videos of complicated topics, our team are passionate and committed to creating content that captivates, educates and entertains – turning viewers into customers in the process.

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