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Paid social strategy is about developing differentiated approaches for each individual social media platform which fit within a cohesive, overarching methodology in order to deliver on business goals. Paid social is an outlier in paid media in that it requires a number of different techniques to achieve the best results. While paid search can approach advertising from a number of directions, it can rely on a set of branded images and a brand tone to drive it; paid social, on the other hand, has to adapt the brand’s tone to succeed on platforms which have very different requirements to get results.

For that reason, paid social strategy is about dovetailing the text, image, video and animations that achieve results on different platforms and fitting them all in to targeted campaigns which reach your audience in the right way, at the right time, on the right platform.

The first step of any paid social endeavour should always be an in-depth process of research and strategy creation – while these strategies are, obviously, subject to change as new information arises (whether from the campaign itself or from further research or update to whichever social media platform), it is important to have a strategy in place that can drive your initial campaigns and, therefore, through reviewing your accounts, targets, demographics etc. we will establish a primary strategy for your brand’s paid social. Our paid social strategy service includes:

Account review

We review your social media accounts to examine what has performed well for you historically, as well as to determine how well your consumer profiles fit with the actual demographics of your social media accounts.

Audience definition

Once we have reviewed the account, we can better define your audience in order to provide some guidelines for asset and content production later on – by defining your brand’s audience on each platform, we can ensure that we provide the right content for their demographic at the right time and on the right platform.

Funnel analysis

With a better understanding of your audience, we can determine where each social media platform fits in to your purchase funnel – this again allows us to refine our targeting and tailor the content properly for the platform to deliver the best results.

Paid social strategy is about ensuring that all platforms are working together to deliver the ambitions of your brand. While it’s common for brands to simply use the same ad across platforms, we find that using different design and written content designed to cater to the way users interact with specific platforms is the best way to achieve results and can lead to greater ROI, better reach, more engagement and is able to complement your brand’s other paid and organic work with strategy that allows for quick pivots and rapid action to respond to trends.

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Our team of paid social strategy experts have both an understanding of the individual social media platforms and the targeting and bidding strategies required to help brands succeed with paid social. With plenty of experience and knowledge of their craft, our team are enthusiastic paid social strategists that thrive when blending the technical with the creative aspects of paid social advertising.

Paid social advertising is a key element of the marketing mix, and brands have for, some time, been leveraging Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and more to increase the reach of their paid search campaigns, share their stories and build a rapport with their customers and prospects.

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