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When someone is interested in professional networking, most people will automatically think of LinkedIn. It has firmly cemented itself as the B2B social platform, and its purchase by Microsoft has left its competitors trailing even further behind.

Today, LinkedIn has over 760 million users, more than 260 million active monthly users, and more than 3 million businesses have set up a page. LinkedIn advertising is a great way to get the most out of this service. The ads can appear on a user’s profile page, home page, inbox, search results or within group pages along with any text links or a logo of your choice. 

We can link this directly to your website, or to your LinkedIn page. However, marketing on LinkedIn doesn’t just finish with text ads – sponsored content means we can get your blogs or updates (and any relevant links) on a user’s home page. This is especially effective for pushing any relevant industry content in order to establish your brand’s expertise.

To further extend your reach, you can also increase your brand visibility via the LinkedIn Audience Network – a collection of websites that partner with LinkedIn to display ads on their pages.

This allows you to use the same LinkedIn-specific targeting to reach professionals when they are visiting other high end media websites.

While LinkedIn is primarily a B2B arena, it can be useful for both B2B and B2C campaigns, but is often overlooked by brands looking to reach consumers – for this reason it can be a great option even for consumer goods as competition tends to be low. So, whether your brand offers B2B or B2C products or services, LinkedIn could be a great platform for your brand. Our LinkedIn services can include:

Research & strategy creation

Research and strategy should be the foundational elements of any advertising campaign – it is this initial stage which provides the blueprint that your campaigns will be built from. While these strategies can and should be agile and capable of responding to changing social, cultural or simply financial factors, having this initial blueprint makes that desirable agility possible.

Campaign targeting

LinkedIn has several fantastic targeting options and our experts will consider each to establish the best uses for your brand. These include demographics, placement, and via the LinkedIn Audience Network.

Asset creation

Our fantastic in-house content creators have a broad range of skills from copy to imagery, video and animation, for that reason, not only can we create the paid campaigns that will help you succeed on social, but also the content that will help those campaigns to capture attention, build lasting relationships and earn more sales.

Post promotion

Businesses with LinkedIn company pages can also promote their posts using “sponsored updates”, which display directly within the LinkedIn feed, even across mobile and tablet devices. For brands with a good organic presence, our team can select the best posts to promote and use them as the backbone of your LinkedIn advertising.

Ongoing optimisation

No advertising strategy is perfect from the moment of launch, for that reason we operate with ongoing optimisation in mind so that we can respond as new data comes in. This means that performance improvements don’t have to wait until the end of a campaign, campaigns can improve during execution.

LinkedIn advertising can serve multiple purposes for brands – it can be used to increase industry authority by building the brand’s exposure as thought leaders, but it can also improve sales and lead generation. While it’s a primarily business platform, its users are still a diverse population and your ads are likely to find a receptive audience whatever your industry.

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Our LinkedIn experts understand both the social media platform and the advertising strategies required to deliver success for our clients. With plenty of experience and knowhow, our experts can help your brand reap the rewards of LinkedIn advertising.

Paid social advertising is a key element of the marketing mix, and brands have for, some time, been leveraging Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and more to increase the reach of their paid search campaigns, share their stories and build a rapport with their customers and prospects.

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