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As well as organic social media – engaging with your audience and showing off your products and services – brands also wish to gain conversions and ads are a good way to achieve this. Instagram ads – which are primarily placed via Facebook – have many of the same targeting options as ads placed on the Facebook platform and will appear in a user’s feed as they scroll.

There are five ad formats available on Instagram, they are:

  • Stories ads
  • Photo ads
  • Video ads
  • Carousel ads
  • Collection ads

Each of these ad formats are woven into users’ Feeds and Stories offering a non-disruptive user experience. Instagram also offers different types of call-to-action which can help you generate more business.

Whether you’ve chosen Instagram alone, or as part of your wider paid social strategy, our Facebook advertising service can include the following:

Research & strategy creation

While we always remain agile, our in-depth process of research and strategy creation will drive your initial campaigns and, through reviewing your Instagram account, your targets, demographics etc. we will establish the primary strategy for your brand’s Instagram advertising campaigns.

Campaign targeting

Each platform offers varying degrees of targeting, and while Instagram has many of the features of its parent platform, it is still a different animal. Guided by the established strategy, our experts will build a profile or series of profiles which your campaigns will then use to determine the demographic, content type and more that will be used to best meet and exceed your Instagram KPIs.

Asset creation

We’re lucky enough to have access to a talented in-house design team which can create the content required for your Instagram campaigns, but also ensure that the visual content is, like the written content, of sufficient quality to capture the attention of your target audience, build relationships and earn sales.

Post promotion

For brands with a good organic presence on Instagram, paid social campaign can, promoting your best posts to improve their reach and help get your best work in front of the most people possible. When you promote a post, you can choose to reach more of the people who like your page or expand your audience to everyone on Facebook. This feature is available to pages with 50 likes or more.

Targeting options

Your ads will appear in the feeds of users while the targeting options offered by Instagram, and optimised by us, will ensure that your brand appears in front of only the most relevant users.

Ongoing optimisation

We ensure that our Instagram campaigns are optimised in an ongoing manner – while we aim for the best possible outcomes during the strategy phase, nothing is ever perfect right away, so whether the budget needs increasing or reducing, or the targets amended or content needs altering or to be delivered in a different way, we can discover this during a campaign amend it to improve results.

Instagram advertising improves the reach of your best content, raises awareness of your brand and can improve sales and/or leads. It gets your brand in front of the right people, and can even lead to improvements in general organic social performance. However, as a top-level description, the benefit of Instagram advertising is – like with all advertising – to get your brand in front of the right people.

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Our team of Instagram experts have a deep understanding of both the social media platform itself, and the advertising strategies required to deliver our clients success. With plenty of experience and knowledge of their craft, our team are the ideal experts to help your brand take its Instagram advertising to the next level.

Paid social advertising is a key element of the marketing mix, and brands have for, some time, been leveraging Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and more to increase the reach of their paid search campaigns, share their stories and build a rapport with their customers and prospects.

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