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Google Search Ads 360 is a premium search management platform helping agencies to efficiently manage some of the largest campaigns in the world – across multiple search engines and a variety of channels. With streamlined workflow, and powerful reporting features, Google Search Ads 360 enables advertisers to improve the efficiency of campaigns, while automated bidding can improve performance. In addition, integration with the Google Marketing Platform (GMP) allows advertisers to manage and track their campaigns on a single platform – making richer reporting and attribution possible.

Google Search Ads 360 removes the need to manage your ads and keywords from each separate search engine; meaning you can have the automated bidding power of Google Search Ads 360 present for cross channel advertising.

As with all of our services, we begin from the ground up – meaning that, in this case, we thoroughly audit and examine all of your brand’s present advertising tools and platforms to extract the best parts from each. These are then combined with research of our own – from keywords to copy – to form the basis of the set up with Google Search Ads 360.

Using the powerful tools that Google Search Ads 360 offers, combined with its machine learning capacity and, of course, the extensive expertise of our paid search professionals, we then craft a bespoke use of the platform which will enable your brand to achieve the results it deserves. This way we can ensure that we are offering the best ROI on the best campaigns.

Efficiently manage your search campaigns across multiple engines and media channels for faster, valuable insights that lead to better business decisions.

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Our talented Google Analytics 360 specialists have decades of experience optimising the ad accounts of the biggest brands in Europe. With a real passion for paid media, our team delivers measurable results, whether setting up a brand’s first campaigns or revolutionising underperforming accounts.

Google Marketing Platform is the collective name for a group of advertising and analytics platforms allowing brands to maximise performance online - our services help clients to harness the full potential of these platforms and achieve the results they deserve.

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