Get the full picture about our PPC campaign for the photo-printing specialists, and a snapshot of the exceptional results achieved in terms of conversion rate, revenue and ROI which increased 355%

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Truprint specialised in online photo prints and personalised gifts for those looking for a gift or personalised item. The company wanted to develop its pay-per-click (PPC) advertising activity to improve revenue while bringing down spend, therefore improving ROI.

We analysed Truprint’s PPC activity, scrutinising each element in detail to determine what optimisation techniques we could apply at a micro, as well as macro level, to improve overall performance and the help the account to run more smoothly.

Our Premier Google Partner Status has allowed us to whitelist Truprint for a range of exclusive Google beta features that had a significant impact and placed Truprint a step ahead of their competitors for when these features have gone live.

To further ensure Truprint got the best possible return for their budget, we used our proTRAX tool, part of a suite of software developed in-house by Click. The technology allows us to distribute budget across campaigns and channels in the most efficient way.

As a result of the bespoke strategy our team implemented, the brand saw the following improvements:

+ 355% ROI
+ 162% conversion rate

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