Technical SEO (otherwise referred to as technical on-page SEO or technical on-page optimisation) is an important aspect of any SEO strategy and predominately deals with the nuts and bolts of site and page performance. Technical SEO focuses on a site’s structured data (schema), the underlying code of each page, the performance of various elements (such as load times and navigation) and many more of a host of on-page optimisations. This is a foundational aspect of SEO, and underpins any ambition for success in search and digital marketing.

Upon choosing Click Consult, our clients each receive a full suite of audits of their website to uncover technical issues that may be impeding progress. Once this audit is complete, our experts can either begin implementing changes or liaise with a nominated third party to ensure the site is performing to its potential.

Our audit tackles site performance on a point-by-point basis, reviewing every aspect of your site. In addition to detecting any on-page elements which require optimisation, these audits also include analysis of your website’s backlink profile and the website’s content. This study is undertaken both from a user perspective and that of a search engine, ensuring the site is performing optimally for both.

The audits also cover meta tags and descriptions, canonical and hreflang tags, and all other on-page elements in order to identify areas requiring optimisation. In fact, our in-house tool monitorTRAX™, analyses in excess of 75 off and on-page factors to ensure your site is performing the best it can – but that’s just the start, our in-house experts are incredibly experienced and proficient, leading to the best possible review of performance and the greatest chance of success.

While thorough, we are also proud that our technical SEO is current – we invest in professional development, host our own conference and attend others as well as ensuring our teams and work are always informed by the latest developments in the industry.

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Technical SEO has the potential to be one of the digital marketing endeavours with the highest ROI – not only is much of it a prerequisite for success in search, there are a surprising number of technical issues that are simultaneously highly impactful and difficult to spot without expertise. Technical SEO should be the foundation of every digital strategy as it not only makes your site discoverable, but ads to its usability and performance. For this reason, technical SEO can be responsible for:

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Our technical specialists are highly skilled in all aspects of the semantic web, and are accustomed to optimising sites for everything from SMEs to top FTSE100 brands, capable of spotting errors and issues at every stage from crawl through index to render, in order to ensure your site has the best possible chances of achieving your goals in search and digital marketing.

Organic search, commonly referred to as search engine optimisation (SEO), employs a combination of creative and technical skills to improve the visibility of a website for commercially important key terms. In doing so, the aim is to increase the number of consumers exposed to a brand at vital points in the consumer journey, to increase traffic to the website and, therefore, increase consumer awareness and the number of commercial actions (purchases, downloads, contact form submissions etc).

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