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Google Analytics 360 is a suite of tools that Google aims specifically at enterprise teams, stating that teams can access advanced tools, like ‘Unsampled Reports’, ‘BigQuery Export’, and ‘Data Driven Attribution’, in addition to standard Google Analytics features and reports.

While for most brands, Google Analytics is a perfectly useful tool for data collection and analysis, the Analytics 360 version offers the necessary power for large brands. While Google Analytics samples data beyond a certain point – making it difficult to make informed decisions, as insights can only be generated from partial data – Analytics 360 is capable of providing the same level of insight but using the entire site rather than a sample of pages.

Not only does this make for better accurate analysis, it also ensures that all standard metrics are also accurate for top-level stakeholder reporting.

  • SLA and Analytics 360 technical support
  • More powerful and faster through key integrations
  • Data-driven attribution
  • Increased data freshness

Some sites need more than the typical Google Analytics account. With sampling occurring at the level of 500,000 sessions – after which, only 500,000 randomly selected sessions are sampled – larger sites, to retain a firm basis to make decisions based on accurate data, require the premium Analytics project. By moving clients carefully to the Analytics 360 platform, we can ensure faster, more powerful, more efficient data collection, analysis and communication.

We are able to use the full power of the data that passes through a large website to build better user profiles, to better analyse and sculpt the user journey and to power genuinely data-driven insight – not to mention automating regular tasks and using machine learning to improve efficiency and help to increase ROI.

While the suitability of a client is relatively black and white – whether the size of the data set is causing problematic sampling issues – we will still begin our Google Analytics 360 service with a thorough review of existing analytics provision and progress to building a bespoke solution for a brand’s data.

Analytics 360 can help you to achieve a deeper understanding of how your customers engage with your business at each touch-point in order to deliver better experiences and improve business outcomes.

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Our team of passionate data experts love nothing more than rolling up their sleeves and using this powerful analytics suite to pull apart and put back together the way a brand collects and analyses the data it has at its disposal.

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