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Google Looker Studio (formerly Data Studio) is a data visualisation tool and a part of the “Google Analytics 360” package released in March of 2016. Looker Studio allows you to create and maintain a host of report types while assisting in the communication of data in easy to comprehend, visual formats – all of which can be shared via a link or downloaded as a PDF.

In addition to its security and ease of sharing, the community development and ongoing improvement of the tool means that it can import data from numerous sources and, therefore, facilitate the use of data from a host of platforms in the generation of real insight from data.

Despite search and digital marketing being remarkable for its ability to gather data, quite often this is poorly used or poorly communicated. Looker Studio offers a useful method of avoiding such issues by enabling the visual representation of cold data and helping to bridge the gap between stakeholders with differing levels of knowledge.

The aim of our Looker Studio service is to distil the data we gather through the industry leading tools we use and produce in order to allow for clear communication with stakeholders and to facilitate the production of real, data-driven insights.

Using as many data sources as are allocated to the project, we look to collate the information in to easily comprehensible charts and tables to give a clear picture of where you are, what’s working and what we can do next to achieve the best possible results.

Data visualisation is about more than pretty charts – it’s about communication and about insight and by ensuring that all data sources are in good shape collecting data correctly and using that data well, we can help to inspire a data-driven revolution in the way brands conduct their search and digital marketing.

Released in 2016, Looker Studio (then Data Studio) is Google’s data visualisation tool, and Click Consult, having been an early adopter, has been at the forefront of its gradual adoption by the search and digital marketing industry. We are a firm believer in transparency and the tool provides us with the opportunity to offer a live overview of performance for our clients.

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Our certified Looker Studio experts have been experimenting with the tool since its appearance in beta, and were among the first in the UK to move to Looker Studio reporting for all of our clients. As such, we have some of the most experienced Looker Studio users around – always learning, always testing, always trying to deliver the best reporting and the best insights for our clients.

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