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Our conversion rate optimisation (CRO) campaigns are successful because we implement changes that are proven to work based on hard data. CRO allows you to identify effective variants on your website, and increase your conversion rate. As such, testing needs to be at the heart of any CRO strategy and choosing what to test is of vital importance.

CRO can deliver incremental performance improvement by producing winning tests, and implementing winning page variations as permanent changes. Therefore, our conversion optimisation strategy is centred around testing. We conduct analysis to determine the tests, but we run experiments to prove those tests increase your conversion rate.

Each conversion rate optimisation strategy follows a roadmap that prioritises the testing ideas identified within the hypothesis report. The roadmap will allow you to see testing order, which will then be prioritised based on the PIE framework. A score out of ten is attributed to each metric, and then sorted to have the highest scoring tested first.

The PIE framework sets a score for the: potential, importance and ease (of implementation) for each test and ranks them in order to create your test plan in priority order.

This ensures that we’re making changes to pages that can have a significant effect on your conversion rate and/or average order value (AOV); there’s no point wasting time testing a page that gets no traffic, or a change so minor it won’t make a difference.


We estimate the potential impact of the test on overall performance. This includes the estimated:

  • chance of success
  • conversion rate increase
  • amount of affected traffic
  • estimated incremental conversions

We use this to calculate a potential score which allows us to prioritise the most impactful and quickest tests first.


This identifies the importance of the test to the wider business; we review a number of factors including:

  • amount of traffic to a page or feature
  • how vital the element is to relevant KPIs
  • how the test will impact other marketing
  • if the category or area of the site is a business priority

Testing on the homepage is generally more important, for example, than on an ‘about us’ page. Similarly, testing basket functions is usually of higher importance than testing social buttons. Also, CRO cannot be effective if executed in a silo, if there is a business objective to grow a certain service area or product line we’re prioritise testing in that area.


An ease score is assigned depending on the difficulty involved in:

  • creating the test
  • permanently implementing the winning variation

By ensuring the easiest tests are assigned a higher score, we reduce any down time and get more permanent improvements on the live site. There’s little value in the short term, after all, in finding an improvement that you can’t implement.

Strategy roadmap

Once possible tests are scored for each of the three factors (out of a possible 10), the scores are totalled and the totals are ranked. This rank then feeds in to your testing roadmap.

Potential Importance Ease Score Test order
Basket page: – highlight checkout text 5 6 9 6.7 3
All pages: – increase phone number size 8 8 10 8.7 1
All pages: – include free delivery 8 9 5 7.3 2

One of the many benefits of the PIE framework is that it is dynamic, and when any new tests are added or taken away, the test order will be quickly and easily re-prioritised; this ensures that you are always spending your time running tests that will deliver the best ROI.

Click Consult's CRO team

Strategy is a must for success in CRO, and over the last two decades, Click Consult has found that the PIE framework is the best approach to defining one. However, what really makes sure the framework lives up to its promise is the team of hard-working experts that carry out the planning and implementation from start to finish. 

Our conversion rate optimisation services employ the best tools and technology, combined with the experience and passion of our experts to help maximise the number of visitors that become customers.

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