An interdisciplinary branch of applied art, graphic design harnesses the creative to deliver stunning visuals which help to shape or complement a brand’s commercial objectives.

Graphic design employs a range of artistic techniques and theories including, but not limited to:

  • illustration
  • typography
  • visual hierarchies
  • visual logic

By combining these with a range of digital and manual tools and crafting designs to meet the needs of various print and display methods, graphic design is among the primary methods brands use to improve recognition and to create a distinctive presence.

In additional to educational and professional qualifications, our graphic designers have amassed decades of shared experience in a wide range of techniques and styles. Whether you're looking for something understated and stylish or eye-catching and outrageous (or anything in between), our expert designers are passionate about design and love to exceed expectations.

Logos and branding

As much an effort in communication as design, our experts create bespoke logos and branding to help your business say what you need it to say at a glance.

Brochures, books and magazines

Whether you're looking to create branded documents for a conference, for mailers or to emphasise industry expertise, our designers deliver perfection for any print format.

Billboards, flyers, and out-of-home

While a predominately digital agency, we know there are some campaigns too good to restrict to a screen - and we're happy to help you take them outdoors, creating designs that will look great at any scale.

The first thing your customer sees is often a logo or an image - and graphic design makes sure that they take a second look. Every shape, every shade every line and curve says something about your brand without the need for words. Graphic design can:

Our team of graphic designers are truly exceptional, capturing the heart of every brief to deliver award winning commercially focused art pieces. Creating everything from intricate hand drawn illustrations to simple and evocative logos, our team have seen their designs form the backbone of digital PR campaigns that regularly capture national press attention.

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