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PR & editorial outreach is an art that assists with the science of search – by creating timely, captivating campaigns, data storytelling and newsjacking content through leveraging industry contacts or reaching out to new publishers and responding to online requests. PR & editorial outreach gives publishers the content they need and is able to earn exposure for brands through new outlets and improve rankings through inbound links.

At Click Consult, we have access to influential online publications which have established themselves as sources of authority in their fields – such as national newspapers, magazines and universities. We reach out to these key influencers with creative and engaging journalistic content, with the aim of them sharing it with their followers.

Understanding the landscape

Offline leaders before the internet, online leaders in today’s media mix, we’ve built relationships that point us towards the news stories and the rich media they live in to truly identify the right place for your brand to be featured. Focusing on the highly valuable journalistic content that is required in the ever-changing media landscape, this helps build visibility for your brand.

Search visibility

A website’s ability to rank in Google is dependent to a great extent on the quality of the websites linking to it (backlink profile). Google analyses the link profile of websites in its index and penalises those that it considers to be in breach of its guidelines, like those it deems to be engaging in manipulative link building techniques to achieve rankings and grow traffic.

So, a website which has backlinks from a variety of high authority publishers, such as national press, are seen by Google’s ranking algorithms as more valuable and user-friendly sources of information for their users and, as a result, often achieve better rankings.

Focused mostly on high reputation, high authority publishers, PR & editorial outreach aims to provide journalists and industry commenters with information and content of interest to their audience and niche. In doing so, the practice can improve business outcomes in several ways - including:

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Our experts have a thorough understanding of the complex media landscape, established relationships with media editors, and are skilled in rich media identification and curation, and an eye for newsworthy and impactful articles, making them a valuable asset for any brand.

There are few better ways to build your credibility and search visibility than through creating original, relevant and engaging content, which is naturally shareable and creates a buzz around your brand. Whether you're looking to work with top journalists or micro-influencers with a dedicated following, content marketing can have huge impacts on search visibility, brand recognition and, importantly, profitability.

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