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Affiliate marketing is a performance-based technique which grows brands by placing content or ads on the websites of select publishers with an audience relevant to their industry. These publishers (affiliates) help to drive highly-targeted leads to your website and are compensated for each conversion (for example, a visitor or a sale).

Developments in technology and other areas throughout the 2010s saw the efficiency of affiliate marketing improve substantially. Affiliate programmes and networks allowed brands access to a wider pool of potential publishers than ever (and vice versa), while marketing automation techniques can help brands to quickly scale and efficiently operate affiliate programs.

With affiliates, brands generally pay a small commission per transaction – this means that affiliates are only paid when a user purchases on a partnered site. It is, therefore, in the publisher’s best interest to generate as many sales for you as possible in order for them to earn their commission.

Click Consult is partnered with AWIN, a global affiliate network which provides access to more than 100,000 publishers across a wide range of different verticals and subjects in over 180 countries. This partnership allows us to develop and grow relevant, mutually beneficial relationships with publishers that will give you the opportunity to market your products and services to highly relevant potential consumers through the websites they visit every day.

Our ongoing management will allow the partnered sites to keep up to date with any new offers or promotions, and help to build a relationship that will maximise performance for you and help them to create the best possible conduits from their site to conversion on yours.

Much like display advertising, the aim of affiliate marketing (from a brand perspective) is to have your ads or sponsored content appear in the places your target demographic visits organically, on the sites of publishers with whom they already have a relationship. Unlike display advertising, affiliates are encouraged through commission to produce the best pipeline to conversion they can. As a result of the symbiotic relationships that can be fostered with affiliates, brands can see improvements in:

Our affiliate marketing team has both a passion and a thorough understanding of the affiliate marketing process from the perspective of both brand and publisher – as well as the strategies required to foster successful affiliate marketing programmes. With extensive experience, our experts are determined to help our clients succeed with their affiliate marketing programmes.

From paid search through to paid social and everything in between, paid media is unique among the marketing specialisms in that it is uniquely measurable and trackable – so that you can ensure that your budget is making a real difference to the bottom line. The main issue is understanding what kind of campaign works on which platform, on which device and at what time – that’s where Click Consult’s decades of experience comes in.

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