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TikTok has become an essential platform for businesses, with over 1 billion monthly active users. It offers opportunities for brand exposure, audience engagement, and business growth. One key advantage is TikTok’s ability to reach a highly engaged and diverse audience. Its powerful algorithm and content discovery features ensure your message reaches the right people, generating quality leads and valuable connections.

To keep your TikTok audience engaged, it’s essential to consistently share captivating content. Our social media experts can create original TikTok content based on your products or services, directing users to your website and providing thought-provoking and entertaining videos. We offer a range of custom video content such as:

  • Engaging videos with informative, useful and educational content, updates to your products and services.
  • Creating video content using trending sounds and jumping on ‘TikTok trends’ in order to create attention and enhance engagement on TikTok.
  • Producing original video content to captivate your audience and convey your message in a dynamic and entertaining format.
  • Highlighting Company Updates and Milestones.

By leveraging our expertise in TikTok content creation and management, we can help you maintain an active and engaging presence on the platform, ensuring that your TikTok audience remains interested, informed, and eager to interact with your brand.

As part of our social media management service, we understand the importance of creating and executing a strong engagement strategy for your business on TikTok. Building a loyal and active TikTok community is crucial for establishing your presence on the platform. We take an authentic and natural approach to our engagement strategies:

TikTok account setup

We specialise in creating a TikTok account for your business that showcases your unique brand identity. Our team of experts will optimise your profile by:

- Crafting a captivating business description that effectively communicates your value proposition.
- Incorporating relevant keywords to boost discoverability and reach.
- Uploading a visually appealing profile picture that resonate with your target audience.
- Providing relevant call to actions and include your website URL or any other relevant links.

TikTok Shop management

Enabling an in-app commerce experience for users, TiKTok Shop provides brands with a unique way to sell products to a highly engaged audience. Our specialists can support with:

- Shop setup, verification and storefront optimisation
- Through our dedicated partners, we'll provide all the support you require when it comes to order management, fulfilment and shipping
- TikTok ad campaign setup & product promotion
- Discover affiliate partners to support your product activation and awareness campaigns
- Analyse Shop performance and optimisation opportunities

Strategy analysis

We offer a comprehensive social media audit of your business's TikTok account, carefully analysing and evaluating your TikTok profile. Our aim is to:

- Optimise it to its fullest potential for the benefit of your business.
- Review and update profile information for maximum impact.
- Optimise keywords and hashtags for improved search visibility.
- Evaluate content strategy and ensure alignment with brand messaging.
- Analyse engagement metrics to identify successful content.

Our data-driven reporting provides a comprehensive overview of your TikTok account performance, enabling informed decision making, strengthening client relationships, and facilitating continuous improvement in social media strategies. Each month, we will create a customised performance report for your TikTok account. By reviewing the below metrics and insights, we can assess the performance of your TikTok account, identify areas for improvement, and optimise your TikTok strategy to achieve your social media goals:

Follower growth

Include the total number of followers gained during the reporting period. Highlight any significant changes in follower count and compare it to previous periods to show growth trends.

Engagement metrics

Include key engagement metrics that indicate how well the audience is interacting with the content. This can include: Video Views: The number of times the client's videos were viewed by TikTok users. Likes, Comments, and Shares

Engagement rate

The percentage of users who engaged with the content based on views.

TikTok reach

Provide an estimate of the number of unique users who saw the client's TikTok content. This helps gauge the reach and exposure of the client's videos.

Content performance

Analyse the performance of different types of content posted on TikTok. Identify the top-performing videos based on engagement metrics. Highlight any trends or insights related to the content that generated the most engagement.

Audience demographics

Provide an overview of the client's TikTok audience demographics, including age groups, interests, and geographic locations. This helps the client understand their target audience better and tailor future content accordingly.

Website traffic

If the client's TikTok account is driving traffic to their website, include metrics on referral traffic. This can include the number of clicks, conversions, or leads generated through TikTok.

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Shop performance

Using TikTok's insight driven dashboards we'll analyse your Shop's performance, reviewing traffic figures and your overall social commerce performance metrics.

Social media, while often overlooked, is a key part of a brand’s online presence – it pays to ensure that you are making an effort to reach the right people with the right messaging. By using social media in the right way for your business - on the right platforms, in the right voice and at the right times - you can build a community of passionate brand ambassadors.

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