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With over 330M monthly active users, 140M daily active users and more than 6,000 tweets every second, there is an audience for everything and most industries are tweeted about regularly. Click Consult can help to implement Twitter advertising as part of your search marketing strategy, to increase your company profile both on and off social media.

Twitter advertising is a paid social method which allows you to promote either individual tweets or campaigns with specific objectives. With options for a campaign’s objective including app installs, video views, and website conversions, Twitter can be an excellent advertising opportunity for brands in any industry.

Whether you choose Twitter advertising as part of a broader paid social plan or as an isolated channel, our Twitter advertising is always robust and our planning detailed. Our Twitter advertising service can include:

Research & strategy creation

Research and strategy are the foundation of any successful advertising campaign and, while we are agile and ready to make changes as new information arises (whether from the campaign, further research or other external factors), it is important to have a blueprint that can drive your initial campaigns. Therefore, through reviewing your accounts, KPI targets, ideal demographics etc. we will establish a primary strategy for your brand’s Twitter advertising.

Campaign targeting

Targeting has grown into one of the unique selling points of Twitter advertising. We can use: keyword targeting to match ads to people who are tweeting about relevant keywords; reach people with specific interests or who are followers of specific accounts; or remarketing, to capture users who have engaged with your website.

Users can see Twitter Ads on relevant search result pages, on homepages and within user’s timelines. We offer options of promoting Tweets, Accounts or Trends (bespoke).

Asset creation

Our excellent in-house content creators are blessed with a broad range of skills and we are fortunate to have specialists in everything from copy to imagery, video and animation. Not only can we create the paid campaigns, therefore, but also the text and visual assets that will help those campaigns to capture attention, build lasting relationships and, importantly, boost your brand’s profitability.

Post promotion

The most popular advertising option on Twitter is Promoted Tweets, which are a low cost and effective way of increasing engaging with relevant users. This creative type is not just limited to Tweets – expansions using Twitter Creatives can push videos, links to websites or even links to app stores.

Ongoing optimisation

No advertising strategy can get it exactly right first time so, at Click Consult, we implement ongoing optimisation so that we can respond as and when new data emerges. This means that performance improvements do not need to wait until the end of a campaign cycle as campaigns can improve during execution.

Twitter advertising is ideal for any brand looking to improve the reach of their content as well as those looking to raise brand awareness more generally. However, not only can it help specific posts or campaign assets, it gets your brand in front of the right people and can often lead to improvements in organic social performance as a result. 

Paid social advertising team Click Consult

Our team of Twitter advertising experts combine a deep understanding of the platform and the bidding strategies required to help brands succeed. With plenty of experience and knowhow, our team are determined to help our clients succeed.

Paid social advertising is a key element of the marketing mix, and brands have for, some time, been leveraging Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and more to increase the reach of their paid search campaigns, share their stories and build a rapport with their customers and prospects.

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