Organic & Paid Social

Combining organic and paid media to drive international brand awareness across eight countries.

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Kandoo came to Click Consult with the main aim of growing their brand awareness across 8 different countries they sold products in – UK, Ireland, UAE, Malta, Spain, Switzerland, France and Germany. Their main focus for the strategy was social media, with Facebook and Instagram being a priority, and they were looking for ways to engage with their target audience of parents with younger children, from new-born to toddler stage, in creative ways, while keeping to the Kandoo tone-of-voice and using recognisable visuals.

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We used our expert knowledge in both organic and paid social to come up with monthly social media strategies for the brand, using a wide variety of assets, such as product imagery, interactive GIFs and videos, relatable quotes, games, competitions and new launches. With the focus of the client in mind, we ensured high engagement by targeting things like international days of the year, relatable trends, how the products would be used at different times of the year and certain product pushes.

We created the post copy and designed the asset (images, GIFS, videos) for each of the posts throughout the month, along with scheduling posts utilising our Hootsuite Enterprise social media platform. Our team worked closely with community managers to translate our bespoke social strategies into Spanish, French and German. We also worked closely with Kandoo Belgium and Portugal who used our social posts and assets for their own strategies too. What makes this strategy different is that we are using community managers in each country who know the slang, local dialects and popular hashtags doing the rounds, ensuring the client’s messaging is 100% correct.

Combining the paid and organic social media strategy was a success, as it allowed us to be ad-hoc with our budgets for each country, ensuring that although some posts are planned in advance to be boosted, we were also able to monitor what is working organically and learn from it to get the brand awareness spread
further through additional spend.

This strategy across each of the different countries resulted in 7,467,865 impressions for Kandoo, which varied in locations and audiences, but with the focus of targeting specifically those who would buy potty training products, along with cleaning wipes and various other products.

These impressions came from 974 individual posts we created for the brand across a year, which also gained 727 new page likes, 10,209 engagements and 4,989 website clicks to the Kandoo website, where purchases were then made through Amazon or various other places. It was important throughout the strategy to be pro-active when it came to gaining followers and engagement, keeping an eye on any queries in each country, getting this translated and the response translated and replied to in a short amount of time, which added to the success of the strategy.

The hedline results for the project are as follows:

10,209 total engagements
4,989 website clicks
+ 727 new page likes
7,467,865 Facebook page impressions

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