Website development is the process of turning a website design, wireframe or concept into a functioning website. From prototyping all the way to the fully optimised finished product, including its look, feel, flow and function, website development is the process by which brands are able to perform to the best of their ability online.

We blend the best of both worlds, channelling creative and technical expertise to enhance your organisation’s online presence through bespoke website development. In today’s mobile and speed oriented online landscape, with more than 50% of search queries made on mobile devices, selecting an agency that can deliver websites that perform superbly on mobile and desktop has never been more critical. At Click Consult, each unique project is built with this in mind, and will provide you with a platform from which to grow and evolve.

Tailored delivery

Our sites are never simply reskinned templates, but bespoke creations to help brands achieve their goals.

Mobile friendly

While this should be standard, many sites are built to look great on mobile without enough thought given to performance. Our sites are as fast as they are beautiful.

Customer centric

With the brand's goals always in mind, we centre the user to ensure that they are able to achieve what they (and you) want to do as easily and effectively as possible.

Optimised for search

As a primarily search focused agency, sites built by Click Consult are optimised to perform from the moment of launch.

Commercially focused

Our site development aims to maximise the conversion of users to customers from project inception.

Bespoke content strategy

We know what it takes for a site to succeed online - and will provide you with what you need to do to get the most out of your new website.

Scoping and discovery phase

We open each project with an in-depth discovery phase. This involves a face-to-face meeting to help us develop a thorough understanding of your business, your marketplace, and your target audience. More importantly, at this stage, we look to develop an outline of your objectives and walkthrough your project requirements.

Site brief and specification

Based on the information from scoping and discovery, we produce a site brief and bespoke technical specification tailored to provide the best chance of achieving your objectives, and containing the details of various important elements such as:

  • Website platform
  • Site structure
  • Functionality
  • Templates
  • Third-party integrations
  • CMS requirements
  • Keyword research and planning
  • Project timeline

Wireframe design, site architecture and technical auditing

Our team of digital designers will work closely with your Project and Account Manager to develop wireframe designs for each page template of the website, ensuring your specification, objectives and brand guidelines are central to each creative. Our team will also provide a detailed overview of website architecture, displaying our proposed strategy in terms of interface, usability and overall site structure.

Each page template will be audited by our technical experts, ensuring that they have been designed in line with SEO, PPC, CRO and UX best practice. It’s at this stage we use our search marketing expertise and experience to provide you with the best possible platform on which to build your future online presence. Our initial designs will then be shared with for review and feedback.

Visual design and interactive prototypes

Once all wireframe designs have been fully approved by all stakeholders, as well as passing our internal technical audits, our talented front-end developers will bring the build to life. Utilising Adobe XD, our developers will transform static layouts into interactive prototypes. At this stage, the opportunity to review and provide feedback is offered within a live environment.

Site development and testing

Following the creation and approval of all templates, our developers will begin the build of your website. Our Project and Account Managers will work closely with the team, overseeing the build to ensure the project meets all agreed deadlines.

On completion of the build, the test site will again be analysed by our organic search executives who will run further tests and audits such as our ‘Pre-Go-Live Technical Audit’ and ‘Content Audit & Analysis’.

Combining our audit findings with client feedback, we will then produce a bespoke Test Site Issues Log, address each issue and again test ahead of the proposed website launch.

Website launch & go live testing

Once the big day has arrived, the website has been fully reviewed, tested and approved by all stakeholders – the next stage will be for our team to complete our Go Live process. We understand both the complexity and importance of this transition, and your designated SEO project specialist will work closely with the launch team to ensure the process is completed in accordance with industry best practice.

Post-launch, your project team will then complete a series of checks to ensure the ‘live’ site is performing as expected. Any remaining issues will be addressed with immediate effect.


The importance of having fast, secure and reliable hosting is paramount when it comes to succeeding online. We offer a number of award-winning hosting solutions through our recommended partner UK Fast, however we understand every project is different and can work with you to develop a hosting solution tailored to your bespoke requirements.

Click Consult’s creative website development team is filled with highly talented developers, UX experts and project managers. However, in addition to this – our website development clients also benefit from working closely with our wider teams, including organic search (SEO), paid search (PPC) and conversion rate optimisation (CRO) to ensure your website is prepared for anything.

Click Consult understands the value of expertise. It also understands the importance of efficiency. That’s why the agency has built a team of experts and expert partners able to facilitate growth and improvements throughout a brand’s digital presence. From web-design to multilingual and international search projects, from reputation management to marketing automation, we ensure our clients have access to everything they might need to succeed online.

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