An ever-growing industry, the health & wellness sector reached a value of $3.31BL in 2022; this figure is estimated to grow to $4.24 BL by 2026. The industry encompasses a variety of sub-sectors including medical, pharmaceutical, beauty, fitness, nutrition and many more – marketing to these involves digital strategies that span the depth of this expansive industry.

Health & wellness is an expanding universe, both in revenue & budgets, and what services fall under it. One of the biggest considerations within this sector is the post-pandemic shift, with greater emphasis on how this industry effects mental health, including consumer self-awareness. Customers are looking to find health & wellness brands that offer a more individualised, person-centric feel.

Our in-house team specialists go above and beyond their industry-backed experience of several decades combined to achieve the results you’re looking for. From SEO through to social media (and everything in between), our experience is encouraged through Ceuta Group, who, over 25 years, have been helping new and established health & wellness brands launch into new markets and navigate industry challenges.

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