We helped to refine targeting and capture market share through an expanded paid media strategy.

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Adjustmatic Beds is a leading provider of orthopaedic adjustable beds and massaging reclining chairs. The company’s products are proven to help with a variety of symptoms associated with medical conditions and disabilities, including arthritis, sciatica, back pain, varicose veins, and reduced blood circulation, and all of its products meet UK and European Quality Standards. Part of the NHC Group, Adjustmatic Beds has been trading for over 50 years.

When it come to the strategy we continuously focused on driving up the volume of leads whilst reducing cost per lead. In terms of paid search (PPC), this included:

  • Expanding across other profitable channels as well as across the Google ecosystem
  • Expanding and refining targeting to capture more market share
  • Increasing brand awareness, but at a profitable rate

+366% transactions
+39% clicks
+2.36% conversion rate

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