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Real-time bidding (RTB) refers to the process of buying and selling online ad impressions through real-time auctions. During an RTB auction, the buyer bids on an impression, and if they win the auction, the ad is instantly displayed on the publisher’s site. The whole process takes place within a matter of milliseconds.

Here at Click Consult, we access more than 30 ad exchanges featuring in excess of 48,000 publishers, all of which allow us to display your ads on selected websites across the internet. We then use a mixture of individual and layered targeting methods to determine the best bid, for the right users, the best place at the right time.

RTB works most efficiently when combined with accurate and intensive targeting. For that reason, in addition to high quality software and coding to maximise savings and ROI, our RTB service makes extensive use of targeting to deliver successful campaigns. Most targeting methods can be layered to create more focused target audiences. The process of analysing which aspects of a campaign is working best, creating bespoke target audiences and creating hyper-specific ads for these users is an advanced optimisation practice conducted on all of our RTB display campaigns. Segmentation is a key principle of our targeting strategy as it allows us to target users with messages that are specific to them. The main targeting methods we use to craft our strategies and reach relevant audience segments are:

Location targeting

Ads are optimised for the times of day and days of the week your ads perform the best during.


Your users are targeted based on gender, age, parental status and other demographic aspects.


Allows you to show content to users that have previously engaged with your site, used your mobile app or interacted with videos on your YouTube Channel. This is ideal for reconnecting with users and encouraging them to return to the site and convert.

Affinity audiences

Google provides a choice of over 80 unique user characteristics based on inferred lifestyle and interests. These form segments which can be targeted specifically to help you reach users who have demonstrated a qualified interest in particular topics and who are, therefore, more likely to engage with your brand.

In-market audiences

These categories allow us to reach potential customers when they are actively searching for the types of products or services you provide. This form of targeting is designed to reach users higher up in the purchase funnel.


These are website ad slots in which your display ads appear. You can choose to show your ads only on certain domains, or groups of domains dealing with certain themes.

Real-time bidding ecosystem Click Consult

At Click Consult, we initially use automatic targeting, this is then refined as we learn more about the online behaviour of your chosen audience. The best performing placements are then targeted with specific ads in their own campaign while the worst placements are excluded from all campaigns. These automatic targeting types are:

  • Keyword (Contextual) Targeting – using keywords relevant both to your brand and the content you want your ads to appear next to, this list can come from your best performing search keywords, or a unique mix.
  • Topic Targeting – a broader form of site content targeting, topic targeting allows you to choose to display your ads on pages that relate to a specific topic.

The benefits of real-time bidding are many – particularly in the facility it provides for targeting, but the following are the highlights the technique can offer brands:

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To qualify for the Google Partner program, there are strict requirements for the training of team members – as you can imagine, these require the team to clear some high bars, all of which our team members have continuously done with skills to spare. With decades of experience, and a real passion for paid search, our RTB team are the ones to trust with your campaigns.

Display advertising allows brands to massively increase their reach - and to reach their target audiences in places you know they already visit. With the right display advertising strategy, brands can ensure that their paid media budgets are returning exceptional ROI.

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