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Organic search, referred to as search engine optimisation or SEO, employs a combination of creative and technical skills to improve the visibility of websites for commercially important key terms. In doing so, the aim is to increase the number of consumers exposed to a brand at vital points in the consumer journey, to increase traffic to the website and, therefore, consumer awareness and commercial actions (purchase, download, contact form submissions etc).

The vast majority of all email marketing is data driven and, by creating or using tools that allow clear segmentation, we help to deliver the right message to the right people at the right time.

Not only can this be a cost-effective technique, but it allows brands to concentrate on the content that really matters to their customers, content which is unique, engaging and targeted to their needs at each stage of their journey to purchasing or becoming a qualified lead.

Marketing automation software allows marketers to automate the processes of sending marketing emails, managing drip nurturing campaigns, segmenting prospects, scoring leads and analysing campaign results. By scheduling the release of tailored content to their audience in advance, using strategic behaviour triggers in place to prompt their send, these campaigns can be left in place to run their course or until a content refresh is needed.

Platforms such as Pardot also integrate customer relationship management (CRM) software, ensuring that there is alignment of the sales and marketing departments. As a result, all parties are able to work towards the same goals with ease and leads can be followed up efficiently.

At Click Consult, we use the marketing automation platform Pardot to streamline our clients’ email marketing campaigns. Among its other capabilities, Pardot enables us to segment your marketing lists and nurture prospects with information that is tailored to their individual needs and interests. This bespoke approach to marketing enables us to statistically track those who are using the information provided, and nurture users through the sales funnel and establish an ongoing relationship with each prospect. We are constantly evolving, and make sure that we stay ahead of the curve in terms of marketing automation software. As a result, email marketing can provide some of the best returns on investment available in the digital marketing sphere – providing both short-term improvements to the bottom line and long-term improvements to profitability.

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Our team of experts have a wealth of experience all of which count towards your bespoke marketing automation plan giving you the best chances of success possible. With a team of experts and a wealth of experience, our team make for the ideal partners to help you create your automated marketing tracks and take your brand to the next level.

Click Consult understands the value of expertise. It also understands the importance of efficiency. That’s why the agency has built a team of experts and expert partners able to facilitate growth and improvements throughout a brand’s digital presence. From web-design to multilingual and international search projects, from reputation management to marketing automation, we ensure our clients have access to everything they might need to succeed online.

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