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Programmatic advertising is automated real-time bidding used for display and video. It is different to the standard display advertising service we offer within Google Ads, as by utilising programmatic you have access to additional online inventory through 30 SSPs (Supply-side Platforms), rather than the 1 SSP used by Google.

The potential audience reach covers 96% of online inventory, and the range of targeting methods available enables the development of focused campaigns in which ads appear to a very specific, highly relevant audience.

Our range of targeting methods include:


Targets pages with content on specific topics which are either important to your industry, or which match your target audience’s interests.


Targets specific websites or pages within the massive range of possibilities covered by the various SSPs.


Targets audiences based on specific demographic criteria including their age, career, parental status, education, employment, gender, relationship status and social class.


Targets users by geo-location, whether that’s a specific location, a radius around a point or at the level of postcode.


Targets users that have previously engaged with your website.

By carrying out thorough research to establish data-points in each area, our programmatic service is able to boost your brand’s performance by increasing the effectiveness of your ad targeting. We ensure the best programmatic strategy for your brand by taking the time to understand your brand.

Through the use of Google’s DoubleClick Bid Manager (Display and Video 360) platform, in combination with our thorough research, we are able to build highly targeted, fully optimised programmatic display campaigns using both first- and third-party data.

While the targeting options are a clear advantage, the main draw (that has led to around 75% of all ad spend being spent programmatically) is that it is efficient in both time and money. While programmatic campaigns can take longer in their initial stages, they require far less time overall; in addition, programmatic display has consistently outperformed most other ad types for ROI and other key performance metrics due to their increased targeting options and data transparency.

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Our highly talented team of display advertising specialists have both the experience and passion to help you succeed – and have created ads for some of the biggest brands in Europe. Our team has delivered measurable results over and over using a mix of machine learning, software, creativity and analysis.

Display advertising allows brands to massively increase their reach - and to reach their target audiences in places you know they already visit. With the right display advertising strategy, brands can ensure that their paid media budgets are returning exceptional ROI.

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