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When mobile browsing overtook desktop, one of the many things to change was an increase in the appearance of click to call – this was augmented by ad extensions that allowed advertisers to bid on prominent SERP positions (as with any CPC advertising) with a click to call button part of the ad. From there, it was only a matter of time before we needed to standardise monitoring and call tracking metrics. Along with partners like Ruler Analytics, agencies began to track calls inbound to our clients in order to build a more complete attribution model.

We leverage the Google Ads Website Call Conversions feature to accurately identify and measure calls that are driven from your website after a user has clicked on one of your Google ads. This means a unique forwarding number is displayed on your website when a user clicks on an ad, allowing the call conversion and conversion value to be attributed to the keyword and ad that drove the customer to your website. Most importantly, there is no additional cost for this service. All that’s required is a small amount of programming on your website. If you can track the quality and value of calls internally, then this information can be passed back into Google Ads, allowing accurate optimisation with both online and offline data. Setting up Google Ads call tracking on a website is standard practice for most online businesses, but in many industries the key research or purchase action takes place over the phone. Together with our PPC call tracking partner, ResponseTap, you can track your telephone conversions, too. Leveraging the ResponseTap platform, we can help you to understand how many calls you are receiving and which traffic sources and keywords are driving them. Additionally, successful calls can be measured as a ‘Goal’ in Google Analytics; this provides detailed data to help you to measure the ROI driven from each campaign. Below is a selection of valuable features available features available within call tracking services: –

Google Analytics & Google Ads integration

Phone calls can be tracked in Google Analytics as events or goals; you can also set values for the calls based on how long they last. Calls from your PPC campaigns can also be tracked as conversions within Google Ads to increase the effectiveness of your PPC optimisation.

CRM integration

Sales and lead data can be logged in a number of ways against each phone call, enabling you to effectively measure the ROI of your marketing campaigns. ResponseTap is designed to integrate easily with many leading CRM and the API allows integration with almost any tool.

Dynamic call whisper

Enables the system to say a short phrase to the call handler before and/or after a call. The phrase could include anything, including how the caller found your website or the keyword they used to search for it. This allows the telephone operator to handle the call more effectively.

Missed call email alerts

Sends an email as soon as a call is missed, allowing you to manage potentially lost leads more effectively and close more deals. The email will contain all essential information including the caller’s telephone number and how they found your website.

Call recording activate

This feature to hear what your customers are saying and how the calls are handled by your staff. This could be used for internal training and monitoring purposes.

Dynamic call routing

Route your calls according to how the visitor has found your website, enabling you to direct the calls to the most relevant team, department or person within your business. This can save your business time and money while providing a better service to your customers. We have a partnership with our call tracking provider ResponseTap, with which the above features would be integrated. Should you have an existing relationship with an alternative provider, we will integrate with this system.

Google Ads website call conversions

As a low cost alternative to full call tracking we can leverage the Google Ads website call conversions feature to accurately identify and measure calls that are driven from your website after a user has clicked on one of your ads.

The process works the same way with the limitation that it is only for visitors that click on an Google ad. The calls are only tracked in Google Ads and the data cannot be easily integrated into Google Analytics or your CRM.


We integrate our call tracking tool with Google Analytics, which allows us to measure calls driven from your website as a Google Analytics ‘goal’.

We can utilise the tool’s business intelligence features to discover granular information, such as the keywords used in paid and organic search campaigns, which encourages website visitors to get in touch with your brand.

We then report on how many conversions you have received at the end of each quarter.

Our team of passionate data experts love to roll up their sleeves and, using this powerful advertising toolkit, pull apart and put back together the way brands collect and analyse the data at their disposal and create campaigns that can make the difference to brand growth.

Data, analysis and testing includes the collection and analysis of data and statistics, their interpretation and their use in driving iterative optimisation – and it’s one of the areas where search and digital marketing can make a real difference to a brand’s outcomes. By ensuring your brand is collecting data from the right places and analysing it in the right ways, you can improve the return on investment (ROI) from your marketing, and ensure you’re spending your budget in the right areas.

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