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Display strategy is the process through which brands make decisions on budgetary allocations across the Google Display Network and 30+ other supply side platforms (SSPs) which account for large portions of the web.

Our display strategy will always be determined predominately by monthly KPIs, but we also consider a number of other factors; these include:

  • Budget
  • Industry
  • Goals and KPIs
  • Policy
  • Target audience

These elements determine which display networks we will use, how we use them and to what extent.

Our display strategy service aims to determine where best to spend your display advertising budget. There are two main platforms that we can use – these are as follows:

Google Display Network (GDN)

The purpose of direct response advertising is to compel people to complete an action as a response to an ad. These campaigns seek to capture a searcher’s attention before directing them to a landing page in the hope that they will complete the desired action. In this regard, you can consider direct response to be primarily conversion centred advertising.

The Google Display Network boasts an impressive 80% reach for internet users in the UK, so it is no wonder display advertising on this platform is a popular choice for brands. If you’re looking to get your brand in front of a high volume of users and prospects, then GDN display campaigns are a great option.

In addition to the variety of ad formats to choose from – including text, video and image ads of all shapes and sizes – the GDN also offers a wealth of targeting methods which can be layered to help brands achieve their unique campaign goals.

While the GDN offers primarily keyword-based targeting with bid multipliers for device, time of day/day of week, and location, it also provides brands with a much wider scope for targeting users. Indeed, we can leverage the following methods to micro-target ads to reach highly specific segments of your audience.

The GDN is typically included in all of our display strategies – in fact, often, the GDN alone can provide the best performance for display budgets under £10,000 a month. The level of targeting and powerful bidding methods on offer, when combined with the fact that no additional costs (overrides) are applied, mean that there are few barriers to entry for a Google Display Network strategy.

Multi Network DSP

For large budget display campaigns, using Multi Network DSPs (Demand Side Platforms) offers the ability to access in excess of 48,000 publishers, allowing us to deliver your ads on websites across the internet, and refine targeting options to enhance relevance to their audiences.

The benefits of using Multi Network DSPs include:

  • Reach – access to 30+ ad exchanges (Google, Facebook Exchange, OpenX, RMX, MoPub, PubMatic, AdMob, YouTube and more).

  • Opportunity – ads or sectors barred from Google Ads platforms can be promoted.

  • Transparency – full visibility of the granular details of campaigns.

  • Control – when changes are made to your campaigns, DSPs react immediately, providing complete control of your media buying.

  • Flexibility – our DSPs allow us to upload an ad or create our own within the RTB platform.

Budget vs. networks

The budget of a display campaign will help determine if our display strategy will utilise Multi Network DSPs or the Google Display Network alone.


Display advertising’s main benefits for business all revolve around the ability of a brand to understand, design and implement a display strategy. By spending time, or budget, on this factor of your display advertising, you can:

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Our display strategy team are qualified Google Ads Professionals, they are Microsoft Advertising Accredited and each has Google Analytics IQ and various other paid media accreditations. Combined with a commitment to continuous learning and a passionate approach to their role, these certifications are great indications of their proficiency. The team has implemented display strategies for some of Europe’s largest brands – why not see what they can do for you?

Display advertising allows brands to massively increase their reach - and to reach their target audiences in places you know they already visit. With the right display advertising strategy, brands can ensure that their paid media budgets are returning exceptional ROI.

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