statista chart showing number of users per online marketplace with ebay second to amazon

Originating more than a quarter of a century ago, during the original dot com bubble, eBay is a C2C and B2C marketplace that began as an auction site with an over-reliance on the exchange of Beanie Babies before quickly becoming one of the most valuable online businesses and largest eCommerce platforms in the world.

Despite a dip in fortunes beginning at the end of the 2000s, the 2010s saw the workforce half, the share price treble and the return of eBay as a B2C platform with brands such as Argos, AO, Boohoo, Adidas and more all operating outlet stores through the platform – ending Q1 of 2021 with a record quarterly revenue of $3 Bn.

While it does fall behind Amazon, its position as a leading online marketplace is well established and growing, meaning that brands would be well advised to research the potential of eBay to become an additional and powerful new revenue stream.

While nowhere near as complicated as those of the search engines we’re used to, eBay does have an algorithm which decides the order in which products of a specific nature will be seen by users. Called Cassini (after the probe launched to study the planet Saturn in 1997), the eBay algorithm depends on far fewer signals for ranking, among them are:

  • Customer service (ratings)
  • Content (relevance to search term/quality of content)
  • Engagement (click-through from listings and conversion rate)
  • Pricing (comparative to similar items)
  • Sales history (performance of the product over time – this does, however, show a recency bias)

Our eBay marketing service is tailored to the brands and products we support on the eBay platform. This includes...

Development of a bespoke strategy

Fully optimised, engaging and descriptive sales copy

Image optimisation

Title, keyword and relevance optimisation

Development of a review and rating pipeline

Click Consult helps brands in the UK and Europe to succeed on a variety of online marketplaces. However, it’s not just our inhouse experience on-hand for our marketplace clients – the connections we share via Ceuta Group and its subsidiaries provides us with further direct to consumer, B2C and FMCG expertise. This means we are able to provide an eBay marketing service which can generate both short-term revenue increases and long-term brand growth from marketplaces such as eBay.

Click Consult's CRO reporting team

Our eBay experts understand the paid and organic aspects of the platform and excel at the optimisation, targeting and engagement techniques required to help brands succeed with the eBay algorithm. With plenty of experience, our gifted professionals provide brands with the opportunity to grow their brand with eBay.

From organic Amazon performance to eBay advertising, our marketplace experts can help you to make light work of these heavyweight platforms.

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