Analytics is a segment of the digital marketing mix that underpins the best strategies and facilitates the best results. By ensuring you are collecting the right data, analysing the data in the right way, and testing hypotheses, digital marketing can make a real difference to a brand’s outcomes. You can improve your marketing return on investment (ROI) and ensure you’re spending your budget in the right areas.

One of the most commonly celebrated aspects of conducting business online is that it is easier to track what you’re spending, the effectiveness of what you’re doing and make better decisions as a result. Unfortunately, while there is ample advice out there to measure – it can be difficult to know what to measure, as all businesses have unique needs.

Click Consult’s digital analytics service has been developed since the introduction of Google Analytics in 2005, and in that time we have developed one main certainty – that every business requires a unique solution. By ensuring that we collect the right data from the right platforms, and using a variety of tools combined with years of data analytics experience, we can help to develop and contextualise advice as well as create useful reporting for all levels of stakeholder.

Many businesses don’t require a large investment in web analytics to achieve the perfect multi-channel tracking. We continually improve tracking to increase marketing ROI. The perfect tracking may not be cost effective, but you can definitely improve your tracking to make better decisions.

The analytics service we provide includes everything from the basic set up of Google Analytics reporting for your brand, through conversion rate optimisation through multivariate testing and can offer live reporting through Google Data Studio to help stakeholders monitor and understand progress.

Good quality data, analytics and testing should be at the heart of a brand’s online activities – and it goes beyond just collecting data; it’s about using that data in the right way to:

Click Consult's Analytics Team

Our team of analytical minds provide digital experience totalling multiple decades, and like nothing more than deep diving into the data. Our bespoke analytics strategies, which will look to provide a data driven foundation on which you can build your business decisions, will also build your brand with a core workgroup of key experts dedicated to the task.

The team are proficient in Google Analytics, Analytics 360 and Adobe Analytics, regularly using all 3 web analytics platforms for our clients. We also promote the use of data visualisation tools such as Data Studio and Tableau in order to automate reporting and enhance the impact of data.

Analytics includes the collection and analysis of data and statistics, their interpretation and their use in driving iterative optimisation – and it’s one of the areas where search and digital marketing can make a real difference to a brand’s outcomes. By ensuring your brand is collecting data from the right places and analysing it in the right ways, you can improve the return on investment (ROI) from your marketing, and ensure you’re spending your budget in the right areas.

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions we get at Click Consult, we hope you find this useful

What is analytics?


Analytics basically ensures that you are collecting the right information to influence and inform your data. You can improve your ROI and ensure you’re spending your budget in the right areas of your chosen digital marketing channels.

Why is analytics important for a business?


Analytics underpin search and digital marketing as we know it to facilitate the best results, not just by collecting data (although that is a major part of the strategy!), but by helping you visualise how your business is progressing against your targets.

Does my business need analytics?


Your business has unique needs, and analytics can help tailor the information on-screen to highlight any areas that need improvement or could be optimised to help meet your key deliverables.

In addition to identifying improvement opportunities, it can help you communicate successes to various stakeholders in your business.

How soon would I expect to see results from analytics?


As analytics is focused on the data from your website, Ads and/or social channels, it immediately looks to provide a data-driven foundation on which you can build your business decisions. We can interpret the data in real-time, or look at successes and pitfalls year-on-year to identify areas that need more focus on and/or improving.

How much does analytics cost?


Our prices are bespoke, and are dependent on the level of service you are after.

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