Mr Clutch Autocentres came to Click with the objectives of increasing conversion value and ROAS, and reducing CPCs across their overall account, but also ideally across their 40+ individual branches.

Cost-effective prices without compromising quality, Mr Clutch Autocentres is nationally recognised as one of the premier autocentre groups in England, and boasts over 40 branches nationwide. They provide a wide range of garage services, including MOTs, servicing, the fitting of clutches, brakes and manual transmissions.

The history of the company spans 44 years, and the first branch was opened by brothers Joseph and Will Yussuf in 1978. Fast forward to 2022 and the brothers are still very active in the business, and proud of its family-owned credentials.

Mr Clutch Autocentres has seen impressive company evolution, from beginning as clutch specialists to offering full autocentre services. The Yussuf brothers’ vision has seen the original company grow into the large, dynamic automotive organisation it is today, all while remaining true to its original vision set out in 1978.

In October 2023, Click Consult & Mr Clutch Autocentres won Gold at the Digital Impact Awards for the outstanding work and impressive results they have achieved for their paid media campaigns. Judges thought that the results were not only exceptional, but they were achieved while prioritising the clients future success.

WINNER (Gold): Best use of digital from the transport and logistics sector.

“The results were impressive as they showed a clear connection between the development of the PPC strategy and customer engagement. One judge thought this would have a great impact in the long-term, making Mr Clutch a clutch player in the auto services sector.”

mock up of mr clutch autocentres

Mr Clutch Autocentres came to us at the start of 2022 and was officially onboarded as a PPC client in mid-February.

We saw that the original CPCs were over £1 on average and that each branch was split out for a specific service per campaign, though the similarity of keywords within each campaign without a robust negative keyword funnel meant that there were inaccuracies in audience targeting as well as duplicate search term auction entries from multiple campaigns.

Due to the challenges we were facing with the previous structure, we had to start with doing a complete overhaul of the account structure from a paid search perspective.

We decided that the best course of action to tackle the overhaul would be to adopt a phased approach, as the client was initially uncertain about the magnitude of changing the account structure on a mass scale. In order to keep the client’s minds at ease, we carried out several branch samples of restructure as part of this strategy.

We created a new structure that isolated each autocentre branch into its own campaign – we felt this step was necessary and important as the client allocates a monthly budget to each branch separately.

By reviewing our daily budget tracker data on a monthly reporting basis we can now identify performance improvements, and can conduct regular A/B experiments to trial different landing pages/ad copy across various branches.

We have been able to maintain the positive performance by undertaking account wide structure optimisation, regular account ‘clean-up’ tasks in the form of search query reports and building out negative keyword lists. We also optimised location targeting around each branch and conducted a complete overhaul of old ad copy messaging used.

+52.43% Revenue
+24.43% Conversions
+49.58 ROAS
+48.85% Clicks
-31.49% CPC

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