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The paid opportunity for eBay is referred to as ‘Promoted Listings’ and is a self-service marketing tool offering a variety of sponsored placements across the eBay network. This is a hugely powerful option for brands to get their products and services in front of their target demographic. However, the option is restricted to eBay sellers who are rated as either “Above standard” or “Top-rated seller” and who have a recent sales history. This means that, before it becomes an option, there will be a requirement for brands to make a real and consistent organic effort on the platform.

Our eBay advertising service

With decades of experience crafting paid media campaigns and growing eCommerce brands, our eBay advertising service benefits from best-in-class skills that can boost visibility, drive more sales and improve ROI.

Comprehensive keyword research

We conduct a keyword research exercise to see which industry specific key terms are likely to benefit your business most.

Product selection

With keyword research in mind, we select the key products from your range that will have the most impact on your bottom line.

Bespoke strategy

Following the research stage, we develop a bespoke strategy aimed to grow your brand whilst delivering the best possible ROI.

Set up, testing and optimisation

From copy to creatives, keyword targets to bid prices, we set up testing processes to ensure that your campaigns are consistently achieving the best visibility, conversions and ROI possible.

Like all paid advertising, eBay Promoted Listings can help drive sales, though because of the limitations based on quality of account, they are not an out-of-the-box solution – and will often require hard work on organic listings in order to be able to unlock their potential. On the other hand, due to the way they are paid for, it’s likely that anyone should be able to achieve a positive ROI – but with experience and know-how, eBay can deliver some of the best ROIs of any paid platform. The promotion of products on eBay is similar to paid promotion on any number of platforms – it boosts visibility and allows for better targeting in order to boost sales – the main benefits of the platform’s advertising options are:

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Our eBay experts understand the paid and organic aspects of the platform and excel at the optimisation and targeting techniques required to help brands succeed with their eBay advertising efforts. With plenty of passion and experience, our expert teams provide brands with the best opportunity to grow their brand and their profits with eBay advertising.

From organic Amazon performance to eBay advertising, our marketplace experts can help you to make light work of these heavyweight platforms.

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