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Technical Audits

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  • On-page optimisation analysis
  • Review of your website’s content
  • Backlink profile analysis
  • Google Analytics review

Our technical and discovery audits are designed to help us fully understand, analyse and document all the information we need to know regarding your organic search campaign

The audit process

Throughout the auditing process, our team examines technical fundamentals, on-page elements and off-page essentials, allowing us to determine the likely success of any organic search activities we plan to implement.

If we have access to your website or Google account, we can make any required changes for you, but alternatively, we will detail our recommendations in a report so your team can make the necessary changes.

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The audits we conduct are detailed in the following sub-sections:

Google Analytics Audit

Our team can review the setup of your Google Analytics account to ensure your website is getting the most from the Google Analytic software. Click Consult’s organic search team will enable bespoke SEO dashboards, allowing you to instantly view all the data that is most pertinent to your organic search campaign.

This review may be something as simple as checking that the tracking code has been implemented on all pages, to enabling filters and goals, to digging into the backend of your website to ensure the advanced eCommerce tracking is working correctly.

By choosing our experts to take ownership of your bespoke search and inbound marketing strategies, you will enter into a productive relationship with the ultimate goal of maximising your company’s return on investment.

Google Search Console Audit

Google Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools) audit is a simple document which checks fundamentals such as whether your preferred domain has been set, whether your site has any duplicated meta descriptions, and whether Google is crawling and indexing your website correctly.

Most issues will be rectified immediately by our organic search team, and Google Search Console will be used ongoing by the team as part of your quarterly health checks and strategic reports.

Full Technical SEO Audit

The technical audit seeks to find and highlight all issues affecting the implementation of technical on-page technologies, before providing guidance on how best to rectify the issue.

To achieve this, Click Consult makes over 25 site-wide checks and 14 template specific checks, creating a document of almost 50 pages. These checks are made in chapters, starting with a guide on how best to approach each area with SEO in mind. These areas include, but are not limited to:

– domain and server

– canonicalisation

– indexing

– navigation and URL structure

– website/ webpage speed

Given the appropriate access to your website, our team of organic search specialists and/or web developers can make any required changes as part of your quarterly workflow, or alternatively, we can detail our recommendations in a report so your team can make the required changes.

Content Audit

The SEO content audit provides constructive feedback on the quality and targeting of your content, and recommendations for content improvement. The content audit includes a best practice guide, a review of your homepage template and a review of all other templates from an SEO content best practice perspective.

These findings will then be used to inform your quarterly from a content perspective, which may include the rewriting of page content, additions to current page content, consolidation of two or more pages’ content, or in extreme cases, the removal of content which prohibits the success of an organic search strategy.

Discovery Keyword Research

The discovery keyword research document is designed to identify existing target keyword search volume, whilst exploring new and unused target keyword opportunities. This is done by categorising your website into keyword groupings. For each grouping, we include headline and long tail variations of all key terms, highlighting the opportunity for each.

Once we have sufficient keywords for each grouping, we can then determine which key areas offer the best opportunity for maximum benefit, based on relevancy to the website and search volume per month.

The keywords identified as being an opportunity are then used as part of our recommendations for your website. For each target page, we will use the relevant keywords to write recommended meta title tags, header tags and content, so that the page is as relevant and optimised as it can be for the major search engines, giving it the best chance at ranking.

Before we use the data in this document you will have a chance to sign off and make modifications or suggestions to ensure that the suggestions we are making are relevant to your business and brand.

Keyword Strategy Planning Document

This document is key to the effectiveness of your organic search campaign and outlines a new optimised strategy for improving the performance of existing pages on your website and the opportunities available for creating new pages (if applicable) to improve the website holistically.

We do this by ensuring that the target keywords, page title, meta description, header tag and page content of each page are properly optimised. In doing so, we are optimising each of the on-page signals used by the major search engines to understand the terms for which each page aims to rank organically.

Page Load Speed Audit

Internet usage on mobile devices has now overtaken that on desktop and it is more vital than ever that your website is compatible on all devices. Google’s Mobilegeddon update in April 2016 means that  websites which are not mobile friendly are less likely to appear in search results on mobile devices.

With this in mind, we will assess the mobile SEO strategy employed on your website and make recommendations for the future direction which should be taken. We will make a comparison between mobile and desktop visibility, mobile crawl ability and usability, use of non-mobile friendly technologies and page load speeds to formulate our suggestions.

Local SEO Audit

Implementing a local organic search campaign will help to get your brand in front of your target audience. Indeed, no matter how well established your competitors are, if Google knows that your web page is local and of course, relevant to the user, it’s likely to be favoured over other brands within your industry.

In August 2014, Google rolled out its Pigeon algorithm which focuses on improving search results for local queries. For SMEs reliant on local search visibility, the Pigeon update brings with it the need to engage with content marketing, outreach and traditional forms of SEO. Additionally, large brands have the opportunity to encroach on the local search market.

It is important to implement a local organic search strategy written specifically for your website and industry, to ensure that you communicate the right message to Google about the locations most relevant to your business. Our organic search specialists can implement a competitive local organic search strategy to help drive local visitors to your company.

Link Profile Analysis

If you have a link profile analysis as part of your strategy, we will analyse your site’s link profile to gain an understanding of its risks and opportunities going forward. We will pay particular attention to the link building techniques previously used on your site and perform a risk analysis, to identify whether a future Google penalty is likely. It is important that your strategy is future-proof and sustainable.

What do we review in your link profile analysis?

– link stats

– top authority links

– top authority domain

– anchor text

– link distribution

– link history

– link toxicity

– link geography and top level domains

– type of links

Semantic Mark-Up Audit

Semantic mark-up, or structured data, is code which helps search engines to understand information on a web page. Some examples where semantic mark-up may be important include:

– Contact details

– Product information

– Videos

– Blog posts

– Reviews

– Events

– Special offers

Our semantic mark-up audit will highlight any opportunities where structured data can be used and you will receive a bespoke best practice guide. We will also outline the changes needed to successfully implement the code.


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