In this context, ‘technical’ refers to the underlying code and infrastructure of a site while ‘audit’ is an examination in order to find problems, errors and inconsistencies. Whether it is analysing a site’s DOM for issues, looking for methods to improve the speed of a site, for meta-data or rendering problems or any other of a host of technical aspects of a site, technical audits are an in-depth exploration of available structures to build a document that offers suggestions and actionable insights which can improve a site’s performance in search.

Throughout the technical auditing process, our team of SEO experts examine your site’s technical fundamentals, on-page elements and off-page essentials, allowing us to determine the likely success of any organic search activities that we, or your in-house team, plan to implement. In this regard, if we have access to your website or Google account, we can make the required changes for you; alternatively, we will detail our recommendations in a report so your team can begin the work. Mobile devices are now the most common devices used to access the internet – overtaking desktop back in 2016 – and, as such, it’s vital that your website is not simply compatible with all devices, but functions equally well on all. In addition to the UX factor, Google’s ‘Mobilegeddon’ update in April 2016 and subsequent ‘Mobile Friendly’ updates and move to mobile first indexing mean that sites face a significant impediment to their search and digital marketing efforts. For this reason, all of our audits are conducted with ‘mobile first’ in mind – it’s how your site is viewed by Google, so we always ensure that the mobile experience is front of mind when conducting our audits.

Google Analytics audit

During a Google Analytics Audit, our team review the setup and implementation of your Google Analytics account, ensuring that your website is getting the most from the platform. By building bespoke SEO dashboards, our experts allow you to instantly view the data most important for your search and digital marketing success.

This review can be as simple as checking for the correct use of tracking code on all pages; putting in place filters and goals; all the way to digging in to the back end of your site in order to ensure advanced eCommerce tracking is working.

Google Search Console audit

Our Search Console Audit checks for the fundamentals – whether a preferred domain has been set; whether your site has any duplicated meta descriptions, and whether Google is crawling and indexing your website correctly.

Most issues found within Search Console can be rectified immediately by our organic search team, and will be if we’re briefed with the duty, otherwise we can compile a report for your nominated third party. We’ll also use Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools on an ongoing basis for clients as part of a quarterly health check and strategic reporting for your brand.

Full technical SEO audit

The technical SEO audit seeks to find and highlight all issues affecting your site before providing guidance on how best to rectify the issue. To discover possible issues, we make in excess of 25 site-wide checks and more than 14 template specific checks, to build out typically 50 pages of actionable advice. These checks are made in chapters, beginning with a guide on the best approach to each issue from an SEO perspective.

SEO content audit

The SEO content audit provides constructive feedback on both the quality and targeting of your on-page content, along with recommendations for potential improvement. This includes a best practice guide, a review of your homepage and other page templates with SEO best practice in mind.

For clients, these findings will be used to drive your quarterly content strategy, which may include the rewriting of content, augmenting current pages, consolidation of multiple pages, or (in extreme cases), the removal of content. All of which is designed to build a wealth of useful, engaging and unique content to help win consumers and succeed in organic search.

Local SEO audit

No matter how well established your competitors are, if Google knows that your web page is local and relevant to the user, it can still be favoured over other brands for local and ‘near me’ searches. Back in August 2014, Google rolled out its Pigeon algorithm which focused on improving search results for local queries; since then, there have been subsequent algorithm updates designed to improve local results while the introduction of the ‘local pack’ placed gave further prominence to local businesses.

It is important, therefore, to implement a local SEO strategy bespoke to your website industry and area, to ensure that the site communicates the right message to Google about locations relevant to your business. Our organic search specialists can implement or report upon a local organic search strategy to drive local visibility for, and visitors to, your business.

Link profile analysis

As part of this audit, we analyse your site’s link profile to understand its risks and opportunities. We also pay particular attention to link building techniques used on your site previously, performing a risk analysis for possible penalties. Our link profile analysis focuses primarily on:

  • Link stats

  • Top authority links and domains

  • Anchor text

  • Link distribution

  • Link history

  • Link toxicity

  • Link geography and TLDs (top level domains)

Competitor analysis audit

Our competitor analysis provides a complete assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of both the on-page content and backlink profiles of your site and those of up to three competitor websites. This vital audit is undertaken to assess your position in the market, and to add depth to and improve your online marketing strategy by identifying opportunities and threats.

Semantic mark-up audit

Semantic mark-up, or structured data, is metadata which helps search engines to understand and contextualise the information on a web page. Our semantic mark-up audit will highlight any places on your site where structured data can be implemented, and you will receive a bespoke best practice guide to refer to from then on. We will then outline the changes needed to successfully implement the correct mark-up (typically JSON) to properly contextualise the information on your site for search engines.

Google Quality Rater Guidelines audit

One of the few substantial clues that Google offers brands as to what they are looking for from a successful website is the regularly updated Google Quality Rater Guidelines – a lengthy document which is provided to their human testers and published online. At Click Consult, we regularly review updates to this document and ensure that the sites of all clients are reviewed in line with the expectations outlined in the latest version.

Experience Expertise Authority Trust E-E-A-T review

Our team of expert Organic Search professionals conduct a competitor review of the various signals that make up the EAT (experience, expertise, authority, and trustworthiness) portion of Google's search algorithms. By investigating more than 25 signals both from your website, and those of up to 10 competitors, we can judge how each factor may be affecting current performance. Our findings are then presented in a colour coded Excel comparison matrix, and our conclusions and recommendations are detailed in an accompanying Word document.

Strategy blueprint

Having reviewed your Google Analytics data, your ranking data and the organic search performance of a campaign for a strategy phase, we devise a strategic blueprint which allows us to better plan our next steps and improves our capacity to enhance your organic search performance.

These actions, and strategic considerations, are based upon our findings from all audits completed previously, your site’s current performance, your KPI’s, the issues still outstanding on the issues log and the site’s current position in the marketplace. Using the results of these audits – and Google’s most recent webmaster guidelines and industry best practices, we are able to deliver an expansive document detailing the learnings and aims of an ongoing strategy.

Whether we’re briefed to carry out the suggested improvements or simply supplying our expertise, our technical audits provide a roadmap that will take your brand from where you are to where you need to be. Our experts remain at the cutting edge of industry thought and practice in order to ensure that our audits offer the most up to date advice to bring any brand right to the forefront of search marketing strategy.

Click Consult's SEO team hard at work

Our years of experience have taught us a lot, but we’re always learning and updating our knowledge to ensure that our auditing process is always drawing on the most up-to-date research. Our experts use the best tools available to gather actionable insight that can really make a difference to your bottom line.

Employing our years of experience and research, our experts forensically dissect your brand’s site in order to ensure that every aspect of your SEO is up to scratch.

Organic search, commonly referred to as search engine optimisation (SEO), employs a combination of creative and technical skills to improve the visibility of a website for commercially important key terms. In doing so, the aim is to increase the number of consumers exposed to a brand at vital points in the consumer journey, to increase traffic to the website and, therefore, increase consumer awareness and the number of commercial actions (purchases, downloads, contact form submissions etc).

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