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At the heart of any successful paid search campaign is a comprehensive, thoroughly researched keyword list. However, we don’t just consider which words people are searching for, we also take into account how they search.

PPC keyword strategies are multi-faceted, taking in data mining and analysis, research and creative elements. However, the process can be reduced to four key elements of research and execution: creating buyer personas, looking for gaps in the market, ranking for priority and searching for the golden ratio of high traffic vs. low competition, and reading and catering for intent.


We tailor the keywords in your advertising campaigns to each stage of your consumer’s buying cycle. For example, a prospect at the research stage of the buying cycle is more likely to conduct a search using generic keywords, while a prospect further along the buying cycle and aware of the products available, will likely search for specific branded terms, returning customers who are familiar with your brand and service offering are likely to search for your brand name. We can optimise your long tail, generic and branded keywords with the aim of capturing customers at each stage of the buying cycle, increasing conversion opportunities and providing the highest return on investment. By reviewing the intent behind each keyword they can be carefully built into our best practice ad group and campaign structure to maximise performance balancing volume with efficiency.

Long tail keywords

Long tail keywords take their name from the keyword chart below – they represent typically lower volume search terms which are often more specific and carry more purchase intent – but because of their low volume, they are likely to be overlooked by brands only focusing where there is higher volume.

As a result, long tail searches can deliver the greatest return on investment. As part of your PPC keyword strategy, we can build comprehensive long tail search campaigns, containing the keywords that are most profitable for your business.

Generic keywords

Generic keywords have a broader reach than long tail keywords; when prospects are at the research stage of the buying cycle and have not yet selected a specific brand or company to purchase from, generic keywords help them to discover your business. Often the most competitive, we use generic keywords to attract new users, build brand recognition, and increase the volume of targeted traffic that is driven to your site.

Brand keywords

If you have an established product, service or brand name, or are simply looking to protect branded searches from competitors that will bid on your branded terms, we can invest in your brand keywords. The benefits of this include helping your brand to dominate branded search results with paid and organic results which provide more control over your brand messaging, and helps to drive a larger share of prospects to your site.

Paid search has changed a lot in the 20 years since Google released AdWords – and in many respects, developments in software and in the many ad platforms have made it easier to build an ad campaign. However, the increase in relative ease has made competition in the search results fiercer. For that reason, paid search keyword strategy can allow brands to:

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Our keyword strategy team are qualified Google Ads Professionals, they are Microsoft Advertising Accredited and each has Google Analytics Individual Qualifications and various other paid search accreditations. The team also boasts specialists in each area of paid search and on each platform, placing them in a fantastic position to deliver the best keyword strategies for your brand.

From paid search through to paid social and everything in between, paid media stands alone among the marketing specialisms in that it is uniquely measurable and trackable. This allows brands to ensure that their budget is making a real difference to the bottom line. The main issue is understanding what kind of campaign works on which platform, on which device and at what time – that’s where Click Consult’s decades of experience comes in.

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