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Founded in 2003, shortly after Google released its first paid search offering in the UK, Click Consult has been among the agencies at the forefront of the rapidly developing search and digital marketing industry. Regularly listed as among the top independent agencies in the UK for most of its history, we became part of Ceuta Group in 2018, becoming an agency with a truly global reach.

With experience spanning the majority of sectors and with brands of all shapes and sizes, we have developed a huge amount of experience – experience which is constantly tested and refined as it’s passed on between colleagues. We have been named Search Agency of the Year and Digital Agency of the Year several times, and have won dozens of client or campaign specific awards across our service offering.

There's been a lot of change in the search and digital marketing industry since our inception. The requirements of brands marketing online are broader than ever – that’s why we we've amassed quite the collection of experts under our roof (and around the country) who work diligently to level up clients of any size. Whether it's SEO or PPC, content marketing and digital PR, website design and development, we can make a difference to your marketing.

The last 20 years have seen search and digital marketing change a lot - but have also seen us go from strength to strength, becoming one of the most successful and sought after search agencies in the UK.

2003 Established
70+ Experts
50+ Clients
1 Conference
31 Awards
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Tools and technology play a hugely important role in our industry and in what we do day-to-day, but they’re useless without talented people. Our success as an agency has been achieved because of the team we have, and the broad range of experience and expertise they possess.

At Click Consult, our experienced consultants and specialist practitioners collaborate to deliver success for our clients. Our in-house developers, designers, and client services team focus on ensuring that we deliver the exceptional. Come and get a feel for the people who make us what we are.

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If there is one constant in this industry, it’s change. We know our clients struggle with the pace of this, and accept it as our responsibility to stay one step ahead to ensure we are always giving the best advice. However, no matter which client we’re working with, how big or small a project is, our commitment to excellence is consistent. Our experience in the industry has shaped the way we work and, in turn, the way we work has helped to shape the industry.

The approach we apply today is very different than when we first started out, and we know it is not the approach that will be needed in a decade’s time. What we do know is what our clients value, and how to deliver the results they need to grow. We continually re-assess how we work to maintain the most efficient, effective and future-proof approach we can.

With 20+ years of experience in all things digital, Click Consult has helped to grow an impressive portfolio of clients. From SMEs to household names, we’re proud to have helped each and every one take their next steps in search. Meeting the needs of our clients is our number one objective, and we strive to improve our knowledge, skills and technologies to ensure that they get the service they deserve. From local to global, we know Click Consult can deliver at any level.

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We’ve worked successfully in the UK, Ireland, USA, The Netherlands, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, China, Singapore, Malta, France, Germany, Switzerland and many more besides…

Over the years, we have developed broad international experience – helping brands to enter new markets, or establish themselves in an existing one. With in-house language experience, and trusted partners on location around the world, we either have or can quickly learn all about local markets, cultures, regulations and customs. We can launch, develop or grow your brand successfully in any region or country with multilingual marketing that is agile and scalable.

Just in case we've not convinced you that we're the agency for you just yet - here's a little more about us...

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TRAX Technologies

We couldn’t deliver such successful campaigns without the best tools and technology - and while we'll happily subscribe to the best tools available, sometimes we need a little more. That’s why we developed our own suite of tools to create efficiencies and improvements to complement the latest, industry leading software.

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Case Studies

To prove we're more than just talk, we've put together a collection of select client results and brief overviews of methodology to give you a better idea of the results our clients achieve and the work we do on their behalf.

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We take great pride in the work we do here at Click Consult, and while we strive for excellence for the benefit of our clients - it's always nice to be recognised for that excellence from the industry as a whole. So far, that's come with regular recognition as search or digital agency of the year and a host of awards for individual campaigns and performance on behalf of our clients.

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