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We believe that a creative, unique approach to training and development delivers progress – not a one size fits all approach. We strive to make Click a place that nurtures existing, and discovers new talent.

We believe it’s part of an employer’s responsibility to help team members become experts in their chosen field. We aim to support the goals set by our team members by investing in resources that will be beneficial to our staff members.

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We start by identifying an individual's needs early on in their role (approximately 3 months in), and then continue to review on a quarterly basis - this means that our team members are kept up-to-date in industry trends and developments, which can help them with their goals.

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We provide our teams with the time and resources to both maintain their working knowledge of their specialist area, but also to grow, progress and develop according to their ambition and interests - in fact, the majority of our Directors joined Click at entry level.

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If we are unable to provide internal training then we source external training if necessary. We are also supported by the TMD team from our parent company, Ceuta

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Our teams hold regular roundtables where they talk about current trends in digital and search marketing, and also relevant news topics that could inform content creation.

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Our annual search and digital conference 'Benchmark' is held in high regard by in-house marketing professionals around the UK. It includes talks from experts from different brands and usually one of our own has a talk too, and we encourage everyone in the business to attend.

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We provide training and support around six core behavioural competencies to help team members grow and succeed in their role not just their skillset.

Our offices, close to Hooton train station and the M53, provide the training base for our employees, with a high resolution projector & big screen, high quality AV recording equipment. There is also a regularly-updated, online training portal that contains a database of tools, best practices, and other training resources.

We hold interactive group training sessions, and individual ones too; so there is always room to grow knowledge. We pride ourselves on our thought leadership, and believe that it should be shared with the wider marketing community – a collaborative approach to in-depth knowledge sharing is something that makes us unique.

  • Adapting to fast paced change: – Digital marketing is an industry that doesn’t stand still. By continually investing in the development of new technologies and techniques, we ensure that our clients’ strategies stay ahead of the curve.
  • It helps our teams and agency to succeed: – We can’t improve on the work we do without our valued team members, but we need employees to be proactive and motivated to advance their knowledge and do the best they can.
  • Sharing knowledge: – As thought leaders within the search and digital marketing industry, we also take a collaborative approach to developing content and sharing our knowledge both internally and externally through blog posts, downloadable eBooks and a range of other resources.
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