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In a world that is becoming increasingly digital, it has not only become a bonus for stores to do business online, but a necessity. With an estimated 2.64 billion people making an online purchase in 2023, eCommerce can be a highly profitable industry – but with approximately 24 million eCommerce stores across the globe, the competition is also fierce.

Digital marketing and eCommerce are a harmonious pairing. Digital marketing has always played a vital role in the eCommerce buyer journey – but as the digital world has become increasingly intricate, so have the marketing strategies that drive success.

Building an eCommerce digital marketing strategy has evolved beyond simply driving traffic to a website to encourage sales and conversions – it is about building an online community who are attracted to your brand for its values, and not just the quality or price of the products you offer. The best eCommerce agencies understand digital eCommerce marketing does not just end at the checkout – retention and re-engagement of customers post-purchase, must also play a part in any strong strategy.

Finding a specialised digital marketing agency for eCommerce is key to business success.

Effective eCommerce marketing requires strategic planning and creative innovation. In such a highly competitive market it is important for eCommerce brands to use every channel available to them to maximise potential reach, entice new audiences, and strengthen returning customer relationships. eCommerce campaigns also need to consider distributing post-purchase marketing collateral, to encourage customers to keep visiting your website to make repeat purchases in the future. One of the biggest challenges the eCommerce industry faces is anticipating and catering to changing consumer behaviour – whether that’s with specific shopping holidays or seasonality, or in determining which platforms your target demographics are using and when. For each of our services, the above aspects of marketing for eCommerce are taken into account, and are central to our strategy design to create bespoke campaigns for your brand.

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Organic Search (SEO)

We are an eCommerce agency whose leading search engine optimisation (SEO) services span over 20 years and counting - with eCommerce marketing being a major focus over the two decades. Our eCommerce strategies focus on understanding the search intent of your target audience, and finding ways to rank your content under queries associated with your products and services. This includes optimising product descriptions, metadata, images, URLs (& more!!). We understand that SEO is an evolving landscape so are dedicated to the continuation of our learning and development, by regularly improving our tools and understanding.

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Paid Media (PPC)

Only 2% of customers make a purchase on their first visit to a website. This is why our eCommerce advertising agency uses crucial retargeting paid media campaigns to encourage website visitors to return and make a purchase. Targeting previous visitors with ads that show products the user was interested in, or promoting offers or discounts can increase the likelihood of conversion. Through our experience and passion for paid media, we ensure your campaigns consistently hit their goals and lead to brand and revenue growth.

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Content Marketing & Digital PR

We tailor our content marketing and digital PR services to our client’s needs - gathering insights into your target audience, allowing us to implement your next campaign and deliver replicable success. Our expert team are proficient in remaining on top of the ever-changing trends in the eCommerce industry, and consistently deliver creative and enticing campaigns that are often picked up by journalists and distributed on major media outlets. Our content marketing strategies not only drive brand awareness, but expand reach, helping your brand both nurture returning customers, and attract new ones.

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Social Media

Social media has become a key platform for eCommerce marketing. Social media not only gives brands a more personable voice to speak to their audience, but gives potential customers a way to interact with your brand that has not been historically possible before. User-generated content on social media marketing for eCommerce has become an extremely important tool to encourage social proof (i.e. through positive reviews and testimonials), but also as a platform for digital PR. Our eCommerce social media experts have grown the social media accounts of some of Europe's best-known brands; with thorough planning, content calendars, and clear execution, our social media delivers measurable results to help grow your brand.

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The introduction of Google Analytics in 2005 has meant that we’ve been able to develop our services inline with the evolution of the product. This, in turn, has enabled us to deliver a unique solution for our eCommerce clients that meets their business needs. By collecting the right data, from the right platforms, we make sure that we employ industry-leading tools that combine years of analytics experience to seamlessly develop and contextualise reporting for all stakeholders.

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Click Consult eCommerce Team

As an eCommerce digital marketing company, our marketing team is a group of experts with a combined experience in eCommerce marketing that spans several decades. Our bespoke, holistic digital marketing strategies ensure that your online store is in optimised condition to generate results that go above and beyond expectations.

2024 is predicted to be a monumental year for digital marketing.

At Click, w​​​e envisage a digital landscape defined by advancements in technology, shifting generational values, and an evolving social media presence. As we settle into the New Year, our experts share their predictions for the 2024 digital marketing landscape, based on the trends, updates & technology that have shaped the field in 2023. As we embrace the changes that are predicted to shape the online marketplace in 2024, we foresee some challenges eCommerce industry is likely to face in the upcoming year.

No need to consult a psychic or book a palm reading – delve into our article for a comprehensive overview of the digital marketing landscape for eCommerce in 2024.

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