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Simply put, over the last few years, marketers have been working to bring the measurability of eCommerce to the offline world, and now it’s something that – with a little work – is possible for brands to do. By creating either one off or automated regular uploads through your Google Ads Manager account, it is possible to import the data from offline sales or conversions to help build a more complete picture of both your business and your path to purchase – assisting greatly with refining attribution models.

Click Consult will facilitate the creation of a link between offline sales and Google Ads which can then be used to better understand the effectiveness of various marketing channels and can be fed into future organic and paid search campaigns.

One of the most welcome facets of search and digital marketing has always been its ability to provide definitive data and facilitate attribution to specific marketing channels – it is now possible to bring a little of that in to the real world. Our offline conversion service allows brands to:

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While it has been a historic necessity to separate digital and traditional marketing and traditional and digital sales, the ability to import offline conversions makes it easier than ever to bring the precision of digital attribution to the offline side of a business – and our team of experts are always ready to help do just that.

Analytics includes the collection and analysis of data and statistics, their interpretation and their use in driving iterative optimisation – and it’s one of the areas where search and digital marketing can make a real difference to a brand’s outcomes. By ensuring your brand is collecting data from the right places and analysing it in the right ways, you can improve the return on investment (ROI) from your marketing, and ensure you’re spending your budget in the right areas.

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