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Able to dramatically expand your eCommerce business and offer immediate access to a large, readymade customer base, marketplaces introduce you to new customers that otherwise would have not have discovered your brand. Amazon and eBay, the largest examples, have a combined 478 million active buyers, and Amazon dominates the sector with its continuing growing eCommerce market share.

Marketplaces no longer need to be seen as competition, instead they can be seen as an additional source of revenue.

At Click Consult, our marketplace service includes ongoing management which will help take the stress out of advertising your products on both Amazon and eBay. As each marketplace has its own set of qualifiers, rules and data requirements, it can take time to make sure your shop meets them and is of a high enough standard to capture attention and deliver sales. We ensure that your product inventory is fully optimised and updated regularly to maximise your performance and drive incremental revenue.

This includes taking advantage of the many and varied ways that both of the main marketplaces handle organic search to make sure your products are visible both on the platform and in the SERP, ensuring your store is kept inline with each platform’s best practice recommendations and also that you are able to take advantage of the various advertising options available on the marketplaces themselves.

Marketplaces are a natural addition to your own stores and websites, more than half of all product searches begin with Amazon, for example, so there are plenty of product searches that you may not be present for even with a top-ranking website. Marketplaces are no longer a case of either or, and brands can turn marketplaces into a fantastic new revenue stream with the right mix of organic and paid strategies.

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Our team of marketplace experts have a deep understanding of both the platforms and the organic and paid strategies required to help brands add marketplaces to their eCommerce mix. With plenty of experience, knowledge and passion, our team are determined to help our clients succeed with their marketplace activities.

From organic Amazon performance to eBay advertising, our marketplace experts can help you to make light work of these heavyweight platforms.

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