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Shopping campaigns allow you to advertise specific products in the form of product listing ads (PLAs). These are a powerful way to showcase your products across Google and Microsoft Bing and drive high quality traffic to your site. PLAs can include a product image, title, price, extensions, promotions and your domain name.

Depending on a brand’s current level of implementation, our tracking service can begin anywhere from the implementation of Google Analytics tracking to the creation of bespoke Data Studio dashboards to help refine collected data from multiple tools to help with everything from strategy planning to content ideation.

As with any thorough endeavour, our tracking service begins from the ground up, with a full review of existing options, before moving on to more comprehensive reviews and the creation of custom goals and dashboards, eCommerce set up and monitoring, call and offline tracking. The aim of this service is not just to gather data, but to ensure that the data contributes to the success of the brand and to clear communication with stakeholders. 

While shopping campaigns are only as good as the team implementing them, the following are just some of the benefits you could enjoy:

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As one of the first agencies to have a shopping campaign (PLA) service, our team have a wealth of practical experience and testing history to draw upon. This, combined with a passion for paid search, makes our team one you can trust with your brand’s shopping campaigns.

From paid search through to paid social and everything in between, paid media stands alone among the marketing specialisms in that it is uniquely measurable and trackable. This allows brands to ensure that their budget is making a real difference to the bottom line. The main issue is understanding what kind of campaign works on which platform, on which device and at what time – that’s where Click Consult’s decades of experience comes in.

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