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Smart Bidding uses machine learning to optimise your bids to maximise conversions and for conversion value across your campaign or bidding portfolio. Target cost-per-acquisition (CPA), Target return on advertising spend (ROAS), Max Conversions and Enhanced cost-per-click (CPC) are all Smart Bidding strategies. 

In addition to machine learning capabilities, Smart Bidding has three other key benefits according to Google:

  • A wide range of signals to tailor bids to someone’s unique context. These include device, location, time of day, remarketing lists, browser, language and more.
  • Flexible controls that allow you to set performance targets which steer bidding performance and optimise search bids to your chosen attribution model.
  • Transparent reporting and status updates which can help you test how well Smart Bidding works for your brand and also help you understand what’s going on under the bonnet of your bid strategies.


As Google Ads Smart Bidding is a machine learning tool with limited targeting options, the real advantage of it is in its plug and play nature. As such, our Smart Bidding Service is predominately concerned with exploring when and where the technique can be implemented. 

For that reason, we closely examine the needs of your brand to determine which campaigns you can allow the growing list of automated bid optimisation tools from Google and Bing to optimise and which still need a human touch.

Smart bidding can offer efficiency savings both in terms of time and ad spend. It has the potential to revolutionise the way your ad account runs – but it works even better in conjunction with human experience. By combining the Google Smart Bidding tool with other techniques, machine learning has the potential to make a real difference to the growth and profitability of your brand.

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Our team of paid search experts have been honing their skills with some of the largest brands in the UK and Europe. This team is not just passionate about paid search, but also highly experienced and committed to moving best practice forward within the whole paid search sector.

From paid search through to paid social and everything in between, paid media stands alone among the marketing specialisms in that it is uniquely measurable and trackable. This allows brands to ensure that their budget is making a real difference to the bottom line. The main issue is understanding what kind of campaign works on which platform, on which device and at what time – that’s where Click Consult’s decades of experience comes in.

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