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Our ongoing conversion rate optimisation (CRO) testing and analysis process is designed to refine a website by making changes to a page and then splitting the traffic between the new and old page to prove that it has a better conversion rate, this is often referred to as a CRO test, or CRO A/B testing.

Testing and analysis are the heart of our CRO service, and we work to generate ideas and establish ‘winners’ during A/B or multivariate testing. Analysis alone, like in our hypothesis report, will only tell you so much, but by testing page A versus page B, you can know for sure which works better.

We continually test different elements of sites (as identified in hypothesis report) in order to improve performance. There is no definitive number of tests per CRO campaign and whilst we can only run a limited number of tests at a time in order to ensure validity, you can be assured that our dedicated team will get through as many tests as possible. The conclusion of a test often shows an improvement but also raises further ideas that can be added to your roadmap. The initial analysis of your website becomes the fuel for the testing and helps our team to establish test ideas and determine the outcomes we would look for in a particular test. This is why we leverage enterprise CRO technology, Visual Website Optimizer (VWO), which allows us to design and implement tests without technical roadblocks. We only request development changes once a test is complete and has identified a firm ‘winner’, which is proven to increase your website’s performance. Remember the best way to improve conversion rate is to test as much as possible and not by getting bogged down in analysing masses of data. Active tests are monitored daily and are paused and replaced quickly if we do not see a significant improvement. Depending on your strategic requirements, our ongoing analysis and testing could consist of any or all of the following:

A/B testing

A/B testing involves creating a second version of a current webpage and splitting your website’s traffic evenly between the two. We then monitor which webpage is most effective in converting visitors into customers. In some cases we use A/B/N testing where we can have several versions of the page and determine the winner from all versions in the same test.

Multivariate testing

As suggested in the name, multivariate testing experiments with multiple variables and how they work together. Multivariate tests involve making changes to different elements on one page, rather than on two or more pages.

Google Optimize

We take the headache out of CRO by building and running A/B tests without updating code or HTML. Google optimise allows test setup without needing to change or update your website. This means your web developers only need to add winning tests as permanent changes.

Visual Website Optimizer (VWO)

We are officially certified by Visual Website Optimizer to provide A/B and multivariate testing solutions and services. Using Visual Website Optimizer software, we can run complex A/B and multivariate testing without directly changing the coding or HTML of the website.

Usability testing

We have access to an online panel of internet users who can provide subjective ideas and honest reviews about your site or a specific landing page. With usability tests we can ask open or specific questions to your potential customers and gather feedback from them regarding potential improvements.

Google Analytics analysis

As part of a CRO campaign, our Google certified analysts will review your Google Analytics account regularly to analyse current test performance and identify further areas of potential improvement.

Landing Page Analyzer

This is an advanced analysis tool that evaluates how effective a landing page is and provides recommended areas of improvement where required.

Heat and click maps

Using heatmaps and click maps, we can track your users’ journeys across your site. These tools allow us to visualise where your visitors are clicking for different test variations.

CRO, like many aspects of digital marketing, is not a onetime tactic but an ongoing process – ensuring that you maintain regular periods of testing and analysis can compound the gains made in the initial implementation. The benefits of CRO are manifold, but they don’t stop at one change per page – or two, or ten – they can continue delivering increased performance consistently.

For that reason, retaining a team of experts to carry out ongoing testing and analysis can ensure that your site is always improving, offering better UX and better ROI.

Click Consult's Conversation Rate Optimisation Team

Our CRO experts bring years of experience to the table – and a passion for testing. To ensure our clients have the best chances of success, they will leave no stone unturned to unleash the potential of your website to deliver the results you deserve. Your core workgroup of key experts will be dedicated to the task of making the best changes possible for the best results.

Our conversion rate optimisation services employ the best tools and technology, combined with the experience and passion of our experts to help maximise the number of visitors that become customers.

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