A service which offers a powerful combination of analytics, and integration, GMP is a suite of interconnected, advanced level tools which offer difficult to match opportunity for insight. GMP allows brands to:

  • Deliver faster, smarter marketing – through automating processes, you can allocate your time on other activities “while built-in intelligence automatically surfaces your ad trends and patterns”.
  • Gain more control over your investments – see which parts of your marketing are working, and make informed decisions to improve performance through Search Ads 360.
  • Understand your audience on a deeper level – gain a more complete view of consumers, and connect your data with Google cross-device and intent signals to identify valuable audiences with Analytics 360.
  • Share insights across your teams – data and reporting in one place allows everyone in your company a view of your audience, media, and results through Data Studio.

GMP is a premium service from Google – making it costly for brands to invest in for their own use alone. Fortunately, we are able to offer access to our own GMP to help power the success of our client’s data and analytics efforts, or offer Google Marketing Platform support where that is needed.

Our GMP service looks to use the power of the service to revolutionise the data collection and analysis activities of clients that wish for us to do so – allowing us to use machine learning and automation to improve the operation and efficiency of their online activity. From first review to implementation, we ensure that the best features of the service are used to help reach the client’s goals.

Google Marketing Platform is designed to bring your advertising and analytics together in order to help brands make quality customer connections, gain deeper insights into customers and what's working to earn their trust and to drive better marketing results through data and machine learning. By ensuring that your brand has access to the highest quality ads and analytics platform, you can:

Click Consult's Analytics Team

At Click Consult, we pride ourselves on the experience of our teams, and on the ability of those experts to combine their knowledge with data to make the best decisions for our clients. Our passionate team are committed to data-driven strategies and are always keen to ensure that our clients are kept up-to-date with performance and that we are collecting the right data; GMP makes that easier – and therefore popular with our experts.

Google Marketing Platform is the collective name for a group of advertising and analytics platforms allowing brands to maximise performance online - our services help clients to harness the full potential of these platforms and achieve the results they deserve.

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