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With the facility to track common metrics such as session duration, landing page, pages per session, bounce rate and more, combined with the ability to craft unique actions for tracking important brand interactions (sign-ups, downloads etc.) and eCommerce tracking, Google Analytics 4 (GA4) should be considered a must for brands serious about succeeding online.

In addition to this, however, GA4 is capable of full integration with a host of other Google Products which allows us to use the data in combination with other tools, other Google properties and to present the outcome and insights in data visualisations via Google Looker Studio (formerly Data Studio).

Beginning with a full review of the account and picking apart each property and view to piece together a full understanding of the account as it stands, our service is about ensuring that the tool is collecting and recording the right data. It’s not enough to simply total numbers, Google Analytics 4 can offer tremendous insight if used properly – and that is the aim.

By making full use of the service to track consumer journeys, interactions and site performance, we look to produce a finished product that not only records data but outputs ideas and improvements. At a time when data-driven is more of a buzzword than a commitment, our service looks to make sure that it’s more than just a phrase, feeding the gathered data into strategy and delivering insightful reporting to both the experts working on the account and to stakeholders.

While Google Analytics has been an important tool for online businesses for almost 20 years, the transition from Universal Analytics to GA4 in 2023 represented a big shift in what analytics can do as much as what it allows you to do. Analytics has always allowed brands to judge online performance from goal completions to purchases, check seasonality and trends and plan strategy with the help of data, GA4 has introduced more of the options that will be familiar to users of Google Ads, allowing brands to enhance their own judgement and understanding with powerful machine learning. You can find out more about these new capabilities and what opportunities they offer for your business over on our GA4 Content Hub.

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With Google Analytics Certification a core part of our training, you can be sure that our experts are ready, willing and able to get the most out of your Google Analytics 4 account. Our team are passionate about data, and are always keen to ensure that strategy and action are both powered by the understanding that comes from well implemented and managed Analytics accounts.

Google Marketing Platform is the collective name for a group of advertising and analytics platforms allowing brands to maximise performance online - our services help clients to harness the full potential of these platforms and achieve the results they deserve.

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