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Is CRO a good investment?

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How to increase the commercial value of digital analytics

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Digital Marketing News in September 2021

This month in search [March 2022]

Well, I'm thoroughly late on this, but consider this a retrospective whistle-stop tour through the news of March. I may...

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This month in search [April 2022]

Beginning nearly at the beginning of the month, so already almost a month better than March, this blog will feature...

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What you need to know about switching to GA4

While I’ll admit that the relatively short deadline for the switch threw me a little, we’ve been working with GA4...

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70% traffic drop

A Long Farewell to Google’s Universal Analytics

The end of an era is upon us – but are Google's reasons entirely transparent, and will it happen when...

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Search and digital marketing trends for 2022 infographic

To accompany our in-depth 2022 trends report, our fantastic designer Chloe Ridgway has compacted some of the most important things...

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This Month in Search [December 2021]

Keeping (mostly) up to date with the rapidly changing world of search and digital marketing so you don't have to....

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The ultimate guide to Google Studio Data

Ultimate Guide to Google Data Studio (2021)

Following its launch as a beta in 2016, Data Studio quickly became an important part of Click Consult's reporting, allowing...

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tag manager header image

A Beginner’s Guide to Google Tag Manager

Monitoring your site’s performance can be done in a number of ways – with most hosting platforms offering native analytics...

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semrush project how to

Setting up your first SEMrush project

I was asked to be a part of a SEMrush program looking for feedback and, in return got access to...

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3 Google Analytics tweaks to make your life easier

Google Analytics is a fantastic tool that can transform all your lovely data into insights about who visits your website,...

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Why we want to help you go digital during this crisis

We’ve been expecting an economic downturn for a while now – there have been plenty of signs, and numerous predictions...

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John Warner’s ‘Why Google Isn’t Giving Update Advice Anymore ’ Talk – Benchmark 2019 Reviewed

Benchmark Search and Digital conference wouldn’t feel complete without Click Consult's very own John Warner, so it was great to...

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Omi Sido’s ‘Data Visualisation in SEO’ Talk – Benchmark 2019 Reviewed

Benchmark Search and Digital conference wouldn’t feel complete without Omi, so it was great to welcome him back to the...

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