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Influencer outreach is a process whereby brands look to extend their reach by having their content feature on the websites of influential bloggers and relevant thought leaders. This requires the development and maintenance of relationships with these individuals and offering them relevant, high-value content that their audience will find engaging and useful.

It’s a great inbound marketing strategy, and can boost your organic search (SEO) visibility when a trusted blogger with an authoritative site links back to your website. If your content appears on blogs or other sites read by your target demographic, and offers them something new and interesting, the potential to improve brand awareness is huge.

Trust and loyalty among a blogger’s readership or an influencer’s audience are often much higher than for corporate blogs (and 4 in 10 millennials have stated their favourite influencers understand them better than their friends), and a huge number of consumers turn to them when considering a purchase.

Defining relationships

At Click Consult, we find that the key is to ensure that the goals of the bloggers we work with are aligned with those of our clients and their consumers – it’s important to identify influencers with whom we feel you can develop a mutually beneficial relationship. We always work with the dual objectives of maximising your brand’s exposure and adhering to the blogger’s content needs in order to foster a natural and authentic linking and sharing pattern.

We invest time in developing and maintaining relationships with a diverse range of influential bloggers, allowing us to approach a range of options to feature bespoke content on behalf of your brand. For us, successful outreach is an ongoing process, not a one-off transaction.

Becoming part of the community

The ultimate ambition of influencer outreach is to embed your brand in a blogger’s community. Every blogger with a significant following knows their audience well, and what resonates with them. They’ve built up trust, reputation and created a community by delivering interesting, relevant and timely content which both the blogger and their readers care deeply about. A blogger’s drive is passion for their subject, and this is why consumers turn to them when considering a purchase.

Our unique relationships with these influencers allow us to work with them and develop posts that both help to tell your brand’s story and satisfy the needs of their audience – however, the content must retain the authenticity of the blogger and fantastic user experience of your brand.

This exchange of value helps to strengthen your website’s organic search (SEO) performance by creating strong, natural backlinks, but also develops your brand in the eyes of the audience it reaches.

Influencer outreach is a versatile technique that can help to build brand visibility in a number of ways – through links, through building an audience, through brand visibility. Most importantly is that influencer outreach can help to build a community of engaged consumers for your brand and that will have an impact on the brand’s bottom line.

While Click Consult has spent more than a decade building a network of trusted bloggers, it is our experts that really bring things together – both with their own blogger relationships and with their ability to seek out and maintain strong working relationships with fantastic bloggers from a wide variety of industries and interests.

There are few better ways to build your credibility and search visibility than through creating original, relevant and engaging content, which is naturally shareable and creates a buzz around your brand. Whether you're looking to work with top journalists or micro-influencers with a dedicated following, content marketing can have huge impacts on search visibility, brand recognition and, importantly, profitability.

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